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21 February: the date for latest permitted project start has been changed in this call for proposals from 1 December 2021 to 1 August 2021.

20 March: The application deadline has been changed from 6 May to 20 May 2020. Requirements relating to the project manager have been changed.

24 March: The amount of funding was increased for Ground-breaking research.

27 April: Details in the rules for substracting time for military service were added.

19 May: The application deadline has been changed from 20 May to 25 May 2020.


Funding is intended to give talented young researchers under the age of 40 in all disciplines and research areas the opportunity to pursue their own research ideas and lead a research project. This call is targeted towards researchers in the early stages of their careers, 2–7 years after defence of an approved doctorate, who have demonstrated the potential to conduct research of high scientific quality.

Important dates

25 Mar 2020

Date call is made active

20 May 2020

Application submission deadline

01 Jan 2021

Earliest permitted project start

01 Aug 2021

Latest permitted project start

31 Jul 2025

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
NOK 3 998 000 000
Amount awarded
NOK 365 000 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications

Approved applications

Project number
Project title
315266Flushing into the ocean: Tracking antibiotic resistance in the marine environmentHAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTET AVD BERGEN
314850Gathering evidence for evidence-based health technology to support communication in homebased pediatric palliative care – CHIP homeTecInstitutt for sykepleie og helsefremmende arbeid
315935Axonal dysfunctions in Dravet SyndromeUNIVERSITETET I OSLO
315578Exercise in patients with atrial fibrillation. Risks in check, rhythms in balance.Institutt for sirkulasjon og bildediagnostikk
316110Disease understanding and personalized treatment in psoriatic arthritis: Closing the knowledge gapDIAKONHJEMMET SYKEHUS SOMATIKK
315792Optimization of drug therapy based on considerations of host-microbiome interplayUNIVERSITETET I OSLO
314742ANIsotropic viscosity in MAntle dynamicsInstitutt for geofag
314546Development of Real Volumetric Microscopy through Single Objective Light-Sheet Imaging System (SOLIS)UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET
314472Use Artificial Intelligence to pinpoint Dark Matter at the LHCInstitutt for datateknologi, elektroteknologi og realfag
316336Structural studies of the full-length human Vitamin C transporters: unravelling Vitamin C transport across the membraneUNIVERSITETET I OSLO
315759Prisons of Note: Mapping music and nuances in penal exceptionalism from the peripheryInstitutt for musikkvitenskap
315257When will citizens defend democracy?INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNING
314997Understanding Temporal aerosol Radiative forcing - Implications for Climate Sensitivity and future warming (UTRICS)CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNING
314074Extreme Precipitation In Cleaner air (EPIC)CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNING
313932Large-scale personalized omics networks to model the disruption of gene regulation in cancerNorsk senter for molekylærmedisin (NCMM)
316340Redefining the Public Sphere (RePS): Education Reforms and the Inclusion of Women in Public ParticipationINSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNING
316103Multilingual Minds: grammar interaction in multilingual acquisitionUNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET
316022Learning Description Logic OntologiesInstitutt for informatikk
316016New Signs of Antiquity: The Uses of Latin in the Public Culture of Italian Fascism, 1922-1943Institutt for filosofi, ide- og kunsthistorie og klassiske språk
315947Exploiting the full potential of SiO2 anodes for Li-ion BatteriesInstitutt for materialteknologi
315870Prediction of ignition and spread of wildfires in Scandinavia: from experiments to modelsInstitutt for sikkerheit, kjemi- og bioingeniørfag
315567Pig Non Grata: Understanding Biopower, Necropolitics and Securitization of Nature through the ‘War on Boars’STIFTELSEN NORSK INSTITUTT FOR NATURFORSKNING NINA
315514Autonomous underwater monitoring of kelp-farm biomass, growth, health and biofouling using optical sensors.Institutt for biologi
315490A-PLANET: Acceptable PoLicies for the optimAl balaNce between driving and activE TransportTRANSPORTØKONOMISK INSTITUTT Stiftelsen Norsk senter for samferdselsforskning
315475In-situ correlated nanoscale imaging of magnetic fields in functional materialsInstitutt for fysikk
315400Political Transformation in African Cities (PACE)INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNING
315368Better attention, better communication? How ADHD and multilingualism influence children’s pragmatic developmentCenter for Multilingualism in Society Across the Lifespan (MultiLing)
315195Aerosols, Cloud Changes and Energy transport into the Polar domain: The role of feedbacks to the local climate responseCICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNING
315066New models of knowledge communication: Rethinking the communicative foundations of testimony and peer disagreementUniversitetet i Oslo/Institutt for filosofi, ide- og kunsthistorie og klassiske språk
315058From Empiricism via Fundamentals to Improved Performance of Proton Ceramic Electrochemical CellsSINTEF AS
315046IMPECT - Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants with Poor Education and the Consequences of Migration TestsFLKI, Høgskulen på Vestlandet
314984From evading to embracing immune cells – Development of neutrophil-targeted anti-cancer nanomedicineSINTEF AS
314733A holistic approach to an old problem: deciphering complex host-microbiome-pathogen relationships in bovine mastitis (HoliCow)NORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU)
314563Defining the Impact of Microplastics on Soil ResilienceNORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNING
314499Fossil temporal dynamics of phenotypic selection & life history evolutionNaturhistorisk museum
314473Immune-driven regeneration: harnessing regulatory T cells to enhance the efficacy of mesenchymal stem cell-based bone regenerationUNIVERSITETET I BERGEN DET MEDISINSKE FAKULTET
314414Organisational coupling of higher education institutionsNORDISK INSTITUTT FOR STUDIER AV INNOVASJON, FORSKNING OG UTDANNING (NIFU)
314376Decoding the B cell response in multiple sclerosisInstitutt for medisinske basalfag
314208Promoting Justice in a Time of Friction: Scandinavian Penal ExportsInstitutt for kriminologi og rettssosiologi
314117Coming back to our senses to transform children’s digital readingLæringsmiljøsenteret
314022Accountable Solar Energy TransitionSInstitutt for geografi
313737An underwater robotics concept for dynamically changing environmentsSINTEF OCEAN AS
313642General theory of pro-environmental behavior spilloverNORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNU
313462Ligands for the Future: The First Generation of Renewable Phosphines and N-Heterocyclic Carbenes for Sustainable CatalysisUNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET
313004Luxury, Corruption and Global Ethics: Towards a Critical Cultural Theory of the Moral Economy of FraudArbeidsforskningsinstituttet AFI – OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University