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Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal

21 February: the date for latest permitted project start has been changed in this call for proposals from 1 December 2021 to 1 August 2021.

20 March: The application deadline has been changed from 6 May to 20 May 2020. Requirements relating to the project manager have been changed.

24 March: The amount of funding was increased for some topics.

24 March: The thematic area "Democracy, administration and renewal" has been strengthened with an additional NOK 40 million for research on societal security, and a new topic: NOK 50 million for research in macroeconomic challenges.

30 March: The thematic area "Global development" has been strengthened with an additional NOK 20 million for research on global health related to epidemics in developing countries.

19 May: The application deadline has been changed from 20 May to 25 May 2020.

Important dates

25 Mar 2020

Date call is made active

20 May 2020

Application submission deadline

01 Jan 2021

Earliest permitted project start

01 Aug 2021

Latest permitted project start

31 Jul 2027

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


Funding is intended to support scientific renewal and development in research that can help to advance the international research front. This call is therefore targeted towards researchers who have demonstrated the ability to conduct research of high scientific quality. Grant proposals will be accepted for projects within all disciplines and research areas.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
NOK 23 285 000 000
Amount awarded
NOK 2 391 000 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
314849Institutt for kulturstudier og orientalske språkStrongmen of Asia: Democratic Bosses and How to Understand ThemN/AN/A22.06.2021
315580Senter for vitenskapsteoriCovid-19: Digital Politics and the Role of ExpertiseN/AN/A22.06.2021
315985Institutt for lærerutdanning og skoleforskningLANGUAGES: Comparing language use and instruction across contextsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315864Institutt for språk, litteratur, matematikk og tolkingSigned language Depiction as an Engine for Promoting Inclusion, Communication, and TranslationN/AN/A22.06.2021
314605NTNU DET HUMANISTISKE FAKULTETImagiNation. Mapping the Imagined Geographies of Norwegian Literature from 1814 to 1905N/AN/A22.06.2021
315878Økonomisk instituttNovel Insights and Mechanisms for the International Cooperation on Climate Change and the Avoidance of Global Risks (NIMICAR)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315765Økonomisk instituttMake Taxation FairN/AN/A22.06.2021
316145FOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTETSupporting inclusive and accountable health systems decisions in Ghana and Kenya for universal health coverage (SUPPORT-SYSTEMS)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315590UNIVERSITETET I BERGENReporting in context: An interdisciplinary initiative to strengthen maternal health services and surveillance in Ethiopia and TanzaniaN/AN/A22.06.2021
316354Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisinEquity and financial household impact in randomised controlled trials, implementation research and cohort studies in India (EQUIFINANCE)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315246NORSK POLARINSTITUTTCharacterizing Oldest Ice in Dome Fuji near the base of the Antarctic Ice SheetN/AN/A22.06.2021
316317Norwegian Center for Violence and Traumatic Stress StudiesImplementing a user involved education- and health system INTERACTive task-shifting approach for child mental health promotion in UgandaN/AN/A22.06.2021
315902FOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTETEvidence-based policies and health systems interventions for antenatal careN/AN/A22.06.2021
315402NOFIMA ASGovernance of Marine Litter in the Arctic (GOMPLAR). Comparing international governance and legal frameworks to inform Arctic governanceN/AN/A22.06.2021
316116Fysisk instituttDust from the Stars: Radiative Neutron Capture Rates Relevant to the Intermediate and Rapid Neutron-Capture ProcessN/AN/A22.06.2021
315830NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUPhonon-Magnon Pumping in Oxide Nano-structures - Creating condensates for Boson based computingN/AN/A22.06.2021
315637Institute for Health and Society, University of OsloCovid-19, Universal Health Coverage, and the Kenyan health system: a collaborative ethnographic studyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315110Matematisk instituttDynamic wetting on soft solids (DyWeSS)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314614Institutt for geovitenskapSimulating Ice Cores and Englacial Tracers in the Greenland Ice SheetN/AN/A22.06.2021
314371Institutt for geovitenskapDeep Ocean Temperatures in the Paleogene GreenhouseN/AN/A22.06.2021
313770UNIVERSITETET I OSLONovel tracks towards Multi-TeV colliders for particle physicsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314570UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITETStability of the Arctic climateN/AN/A22.06.2021
315755Institutt for sosialantropologiHabitable Air: Urban Inequality in the Time of Climate ChangeN/AN/A22.06.2021
314947INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNINGElite Political Dynamics in Electoral AutocraciesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314826Institutt for geofagTopographic control in the Arctic OceanN/AN/A22.06.2021
314718UNIVERSITETET I SØRØST-NORGE CAMPUS BØ I TELEMARKCultures in conflict? How islamists cope with footballN/AN/A22.06.2021
314676Faggruppe Grunnskolelærerutdanning (GLU)South Saami Memory Culture: The dynamics of indigenous and nation-state identitiesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314257Institutt for medie- og samfunnsfag, Universitetet i StavangerThe datafication of communicative power: Towards an independent media policy for Norway's digital infrastructuresN/AN/A22.06.2021
314183DET JURIDISKE FAKULTETGovernance of Land and Natural Resources in Sápmi, a legal approach.N/AN/A22.06.2021
316376HØYSKOLEN KRISTIANIA - ERNST G MORTENSENS STIFTELSEPHOTOFAKE – Visual Disinformation, the Digital Economy and the Epistemology of the Camera ImageN/AN/A22.06.2021
316345SINTEF DIGITALInclusive Hearing Care for School Children in TanzaniaN/AN/A22.06.2021
316342SINTEF ASPATHWAY: A toolkit for managing and communicating patient pathwaysN/AN/A22.06.2021
316301Økonomisk instituttInequality, debt, and crisis managementN/AN/A22.06.2021
316274HELSE BERGEN HFCollective implementation in primary and specialised health care – a multimethod study on four different health service domains.N/AN/A22.06.2021
316268Kulturhistorisk museumVirtual Reconstruction, Interpretation and Preservation of the Textile Artifacts from the Oseberg FindN/AN/A22.06.2021
316246UNIVERSITETET I AGDERWhat public services should be digitalised? A citizen-centred analysis of what public services are suitable for digital channelsN/AN/A22.06.2021
316212NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUProfessional Education and simulation-based trainingN/AN/A22.06.2021
316209SINTEF ASQuasicrystal nucleation in a metallic matrixN/AN/A22.06.2021
316185SIMULA RESEARCH LABORATORY ASThe Dynamic Heart - Computational Tools for Studying Cardiac Growth and RemodelingN/AN/A22.06.2021
316157Institutt for husdyr- og akvakulturvitenskapSustainable ruminant production: Feed, microbiome and immune efficiency in low and high methane emitting dairy cowsN/AN/A22.06.2021
316129NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUAn interdisciplinary data-driven approach to resolve sigma-factor-specific promoter dependency in bacteria.N/AN/A22.06.2021
316126TRANSPORTØKONOMISK INSTITUTT Stiftelsen Norsk senter for samferdselsforskningMOBI-HEALTH: Mobility, Health and Inclusive Urban Epidemic ResilienceN/AN/A22.06.2021
316120UNIVERSITETET I BERGENThe molecular basis of sex-differences in Sjögren's syndromeN/AN/A22.06.2021
316085Institutt for samfunnsøkonomiWhen macro meets micro: Global challenges and heterogeneous responses in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
316080NORCE Teknologi/Energi AGDERUnsupervised Lifelong LearningN/AN/A22.06.2021
316070Chr. Michelsens InstituttGod, grievance, and greed? Understanding Northern Mozambique’s new Islamist war.N/AN/A22.06.2021
316060Universitetet i OsloDonor T-cell receptors targeting cells that propagate cancerN/AN/A22.06.2021
316056NTNU FAKULTET FOR INFORMASJONS- TEKNOLOGI OG ELEKTRONIKKUltraviolet nanowire/graphene laser (UV-Nanolaser)N/AN/A22.06.2021
316021DET JURIDISKE FAKULTETDeveloping good ocean governance of the Arctic in times of unpredictable and rapid changes (DOGA)N/AN/A22.06.2021
316002NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUUncovering the role of the protein DISC1 in cARDIAc ischemia (DISCARDIA)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315990Forskningsavdelingen SSBLANDWELL: Climate-induced welfare impacts of ecosystem goods and services from agricultural and seminatural landscapes in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
315971UiO - Institutt for geofagMASSIVE MASSIVE (MAchine learning, Surface mass balance of glaciers, Snow cover, In-situ data, Volume change, Earth observation)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315969NORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNINGIn silico and experimental screening platform for characterizing environmental impact of industry development in the Arctic (EXPECT)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315928Institutt for kulturstudier og orientalske språkBodies in Translation: Science, Knowledge and Sustainability in Cultural TranslationN/AN/A22.06.2021
315917Institutt for medier og kommunikasjonGlobal Natives? Serving young audiences on global media platformsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315892Institutt for biovitenskapThe structuring role of Parasite disease On zooplankton In Coastal Ecosystems (POICE)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315822Institutt for kjemiEPR and paramagnetic NMR of solids from relativistic two- and four-component density-functional theoryN/AN/A22.06.2021
315812GENØK - SENTER FOR BIOSIKKERHETImpact of marine microplastic associated biofilms on environmental and human healthN/AN/A22.06.2021
315809SAMFUNNS- OG NÆRINGSLIVSFORSKNING ASAutomated Away? Causes and Consequences of robots on Jobs and FamiliesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315804SINTEF ASClean offshore energy by hydrogen storage in petroleum reservoirsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315777UNIVERSITETET I AGDERLowering the bar? - Compliance Negotiations and the EU-Ukraine Association AgreementN/AN/A22.06.2021
315769NORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU), School of Economics and BusinessEmployment, investment, and inequality in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisisN/AN/A22.06.2021
315760Institutt for samfunnsøkonomiChallenges to shaping an inclusive work-life in rapidly changing labour markets: Firms, Human capital, and Family policyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315728Institutt for biologiLight as a Cue for Life in Arctic and Northern SeasN/AN/A22.06.2021
315727Institutt for materialteknologiThe next generation metal continuum plasticity theoryN/AN/A22.06.2021
315708UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITET UIT CAMPUS TROMSØNew Sámi Renaissance: Nordic Colonialism, Social Change and Indigenous Cultural PolicyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315666University of OsloAssembling against Resistance: Antimicrobial Nanoparticles based on Molecular AssemblyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315624NTNU SAMFUNNSFORSKNING ASCoordination, Response and Networked ResilienceN/AN/A22.06.2021
315615UNIVERSITETET I BERGENKARMA - an innovative method to analyze cellular fate of proteins and its application to probe the control of proteostasisN/AN/A22.06.2021
315599UNIVERSITETET I BERGENUnravelling the Genetic Trajectories of Childhood Growth – From Trio-GWAS to Mechanisms.N/AN/A22.06.2021
315587CHR MICHELSENS INSTITUTT FOR VIDENSKAP OG ÅNDSFRIHETPrioritising the Displacement-Environment Nexus: Refugee and IDP Settlements as Social-Ecological SystemsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315538UNIVERSITETET I OSLOBlocking regulatory T cells to restore immune functionN/AN/A22.06.2021
315534Naturhistorisk museumDypingite - A superior NATural SORBent for management of heavy metal water pollution?N/AN/A22.06.2021
315496Consumption Research Norway, OsloMet, Oslo Metropolitan UniversityCHANGE: Environmental system shift in clothing consumptionN/AN/A22.06.2021
315483UNIVERSITETET I OSLODissecting differentiation and diversification of gut macrophagesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315482Avd. for forskning og utvikling, Nevroklinikken, Oslo Universitetssykehus HF (993467049)TeraEpi: Teratogenicity of anti-seizure medication: the roles of epigenetics and folic acid supplementsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315476INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNINGStateless in the Bengali borderlands: New technologies and challenges for identity and identificationN/AN/A22.06.2021
315472INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNINGCO-DUTIES: Democratic Duties, Collective Action, and the Greater Good after COVID-19N/AN/A22.06.2021
315454Norges Miljø- og Biovitenskapelig UniversitetUnderstanding climate change impacts in an Arctic ecosystem: an integrated approach through the prism of Svalbard reindeerN/AN/A22.06.2021
315441UNIVERSITETET I OSLOClimateCultures. Socionatural entanglements in Little Ice Age Norway (1500-1800)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315437Institutt for samfunnsøkonomiFinancial Interactions Between Labor Markets and the MacroeconomyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315428Velferdsforskningsinstitutt NOVA, Senter for Velferds- og Arbeidslivsforskning (SVA), OSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETETCombining Work and Care for Older ParentsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315427UNIVERSITETET I BERGENDeepSeaQuence – Uncovering the metabolic secrets and capacity of Arctic deep-sea hydrothermal vent microbiomesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315422FORSKNINGSSTIFTELSEN FAFONordic labour market models facing pandemic crisis: A comparative study of policy responses, actor adjustments, and social outcomesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315420NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUReactor and process development for continuous non-catalytic fast hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin residueN/AN/A22.06.2021
315410Institute for Health and Society, UiOEuropean Polyp Surveillance trialsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315404UNIVERSITETSSYKEHUSET NORD-NORGE HFThe large-scale implementation of e-consultations with the GP: a mixed-methods evaluation of the impact on health system, GPs and patientsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315401FRIDTJOF NANSEN STIFTELSEN PÅ POLHØGDAClimate change in Russia’s Arctic: Perceptions, response, implicationsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315399University of OsloDUCT chip – Immune studies using a bile duct on a chipN/AN/A22.06.2021
315392Institutt for biovitenskapEffects of multiple stressors on Norwegian killer whales: MULTIWHALEN/AN/A22.06.2021
315389NIFUThe missing middle - a comparative study of transitions among low to mid performing students from academic upper secondary schoolN/AN/A22.06.2021
315385NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUAlginate modifying enzymes: elucidating the dualistic mode of action of lyases and epimerasesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315381Kulturhistorisk museumHistoricizing Intelligence: Tests, metrics and the shaping of contemporary societyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315373Institutt for filosofi, ide- og kunsthistorie og klassiske språkSalient Solutions: Attention norms in individual decision making, collective action and ethicsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315360Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studierUnashamed Citizenship: Minority Literary Voices in Contemporary ScandinaviaN/AN/A22.06.2021
315357INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNINGWork and family in an advanced economyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315356NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTPublic-Private Development Interfaces in EthiopiaN/AN/A22.06.2021
315330UNIVERSITETET I OSLOMomentum resolved electron band structures from electron energy loss spectroscopyN/AN/A22.06.2021
315325ntnu fakultet for naturvitenskapAnalysing plant cell wall integrity maintenance and its coordination with plant immunityN/AN/A22.06.2021
315323Institutt for medisinske basalfagStochastic differential equations for robust evaluation of cancer treatments with registry dataN/AN/A22.06.2021
315317NORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNINGBio-essential and toxic elements transformation and transport in the Arctic under pressure of Siberian Continental Shelf permafrost thawingN/AN/A22.06.2021
315302NTNU SAMFUNNSFORSKNING ASConsequences of fundamental changes in risk regulationN/AN/A22.06.2021
315287NORD UNIVERSITET BODØThe genomic basis of temperature adaptation across spaceN/AN/A22.06.2021
315269FOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTETSickness in the Family: A Register Study on the Short- and Long-Term Effects of Severe Sickness on Family MembersN/AN/A22.06.2021
315260Institutt for industriell økonomi og teknologiledelseRisk governance of climate-related systemic risk in the ArcticN/AN/A22.06.2021
315249UNIVERSITETET I BERGENFUNDER - Direct and indirect climate impacts on the biodiversity and Functioning of the UNDERground ecosystemN/AN/A22.06.2021
315221Institutt for psykisk helseIndefinite preventive detention: The implementation and impact of the ULTimate PENalty in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
315214Institutt for pedagogikk og livslang læringTransgenerational, Social, and Individual Predictors of High-School Dropout: An Ecological Model Tested in a Multi-Data DesignN/AN/A22.06.2021
315194FAKULTET FOR SAMFUNNSVITENSKAPCollaborative Strategies for Robust Governance in Turbulent TimesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315163FRIDTJOF NANSEN STIFTELSEN PÅ POLHØGDAChallenges to Ocean Governance: Regional Disputes, Global Consequences? (OCEANGOV)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315147University of South-Eastern NorwayComparisons of Leadership Autonomy in School districts and Schools (CLASS)N/AN/A22.06.2021
315135NTNUClay nanolayers for encapsulation of drops or nanoparticlesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315108UNIVERSITETET I SØRØST-NORGEThe interaction of photosensitive proteins with microfabricated sensor arraysN/AN/A22.06.2021
315106UNIVERSITETET I BERGENNonvisual light regulation of biological rhythm and life history transformationN/AN/A22.06.2021
315103OSLO UNIVERSITETSSYKEHUS HFCellular control of macropinososome formation and maturationN/AN/A22.06.2021
315083SINTEF ASNovel oxygen carriers in sustainable hydrogen productionN/AN/A22.06.2021
315074ARENA Centre for European StudiesEuropean Integration and National Law: A theory of administrative behaviour in complex institutional settingsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315063CHR MICHELSENS INSTITUTT FOR VIDENSKAP OG ÅNDSFRIHETGender, Islam and transnational legal orderings in post-US AfghanistanN/AN/A22.06.2021
315051UNIVERSITETET I BERGENIn the heat of the night: The role of hypoxia on coral reefsN/AN/A22.06.2021
315041Institutt for samfunnsmedisin og sykepleieSmaRTWork - a digital system for personalised return to work recommendations for sick-listed with musculoskeletal disordersN/AN/A22.06.2021
315032SINTEF ASA highly efficient and stable electrode for solar-driven water electrolysis, interrogated by advanced operando and in situ techniquesN/AN/A22.06.2021
315029Administrasjon UITNext Generation Explainable Medical Computer VisionN/AN/A22.06.2021
315008STIFTELSEN HANDELSHØYSKOLEN BIThe Corona-crisis, structural change, and macroeconomic policyN/AN/A22.06.2021
314967NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTAd hoc crisis response and international organisationsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314957NORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNINGQUANTification of dissolved Organic Matter and the metabolic balance in river networks: mechanisms and model simulations of CO2 emissionsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314925Psykologisk instituttNeurophysiological Mechanisms of Human Auditory Predictions: From population- to single neuron recordings.N/AN/A22.06.2021
314916NIBIO - NORSK INSTITUTT FOR BIOØKONOMIPerennial grassland mixtures: a novel approach to forage and food production, land restoration and climate resilience in EthiopiaN/AN/A22.06.2021
314909University of OsloNext generation of tailor-made protein biologicsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314902Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet AFI – OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan UniversityRegulated Occupations: Mobility, Qualification and Labour Market OutcomesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314866Institutt for biovitenskapThe evolutionary causes and consequences of human-commensalism in Eurasian Passer sparrowsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314861VETERINÆRINSTITUTTETToxic microalgae in Norwegian waters (ToxANoWa): Uncovering fish-killing mechanisms of phytoplankton from Scandinavian watersN/AN/A22.06.2021
314843Psykologisk instituttHomo sociabilis and genomics of the good life. Rethinking wellbeing and social relations – the role of genetic and environmental processesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314840DET JURIDISKE FAKULTETRemodelling criminal insanity and psychosis through the philosophical, legal, and medical DIMENSIONS of the medical modelN/AN/A22.06.2021
314825Senter for profesjonsstudierThe authority of expertise in professional tax law practice.N/AN/A22.06.2021
314811Oslo University HospitalKinetics of Activation and Inactivation of Autophagy: Commitment, Noise Suppression and the Role of Metabolic IntermediatesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314801INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNINGWhen Robots meet the Nordic model: job creation, destruction or retraining? (RoboNord)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314799Institutt for lingvistiske, litterære og estetiske studierAdult Acquisition of Norwegian as a second languageN/AN/A22.06.2021
314778SINTEF ASHigh-throughput alloy design of superior thermoelectric materials (Allotherm)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314770NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTNGOs Securing Fisheries Environments: Understanding NGO-State Fisheries Protection ProgramsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314746UNIVERSITETET I STAVANGERMetal-organic frameworks for recovery and separation of critical metals.N/AN/A22.06.2021
314720NORGES MILJØ- OG BIOVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NMBU)Disentangling penicillin resistance and compensatory adaption in pneumococci by combining genomics and molecular microbiology.N/AN/A22.06.2021
314706Universitetet i OsloMoral Beliefs about Violent Political ConflictN/AN/A22.06.2021
314690FAKULTET FOR SAMFUNNSVITENSKAPInterview training of child-welfare and law-enforcement professionals interviewing maltreated children supported via artificial avatarsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314684UNIVERSITETET I OSLOMechanisms of selective autophagy in neurodegenerative diseaseN/AN/A22.06.2021
314655Institutt for medisinske basalfagNUCLEAR INTEGRITY: From Molecular Mechanism to Cell FateN/AN/A22.06.2021
314615INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNINGRegulAIR: The integration of drones in the Norwegian and European AirspacesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314608NIBIO ÅSA water-energy-food nexus assessment of climate change impacts on biomass and hydropower resourcesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314607Institutt for arkeologi, konservering og historieRelics of Nature: An Archaeology of Natural Heritage in the High NorthN/AN/A22.06.2021
314604NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTChinese Anger DiplomacyN/AN/A22.06.2021
314601Psykologisk instituttEffects of the interdisciplinary subject “Health and life skills”, a naturalistic experiment using registry dataN/AN/A22.06.2021
314578Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskapMedia Use in Crisis Situations: Resolving Information Paradoxes, Comparing Climate Change and COVID-19 (MUCS)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314562FOLKEHELSEINSTITUTTETLost in transition? Uncovering social and health consequences of sub-optimal transitions in the education systemN/AN/A22.06.2021
314552INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNINGPop Culture, Art, and Indigenous Ideas of Legitimacy in Struggles over Democratization and Peace (POPAGANDA)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314544SIMULA RESEARCH LABORATORY ASCo-tester: Collective-Adaptive Testing of Coevolving Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems under UncertaintyN/AN/A22.06.2021
314530INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNINGFrom Curse to Demographic Dividends: Sub-Saharan Africa’s Youth BulgesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314528Institutt for informatikkBeyond Worst-Case Analysis in AlgorithmsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314525NORCE Samfunn/Helse VESTLANDCo-production of health- and welfare services between local governments and voluntary organizations in Norway and Germany.N/AN/A22.06.2021
314511UNIVERSITETET I OSLOMAny Providers, confused INFOrmation? Coordinated and tailored communication with older patients in hospital-home TRANSitions (MAPINFOTRANS)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314490Institutt for helse og samfunn, Universitetet i OsloHow did the Antibiotic Pipeline run Dry? People, Infrastructures and Politics of Antibiotic Drug Development 1970-2010N/AN/A22.06.2021
314486Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet AFI – OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan UniversityDigital Prism and the Nordic Model of Workplace Democracy under PressureN/AN/A22.06.2021
314479CHR MICHELSENS INSTITUTT FOR VIDENSKAP OG ÅNDSFRIHETSuccessful Advances in Fiscal ARchItecture (SAFARI): Evidence from a new tax in ZanzibarN/AN/A22.06.2021
314464Institutt for biovitenskapEvoCave: Investigating 122 000 years of high-latitude faunal diversity using palaeozoology, archaeology, palaeoecology and ancient DNAN/AN/A22.06.2021
314457Nord UniversityChina in the Arctic: External Influence on Regional Governance (ArcGov)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314449HAVFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTETArctic ecosystem impact assessment of oil in ice under climate changeN/AN/A22.06.2021
314435Institutt for filosofi, ide- og kunsthistorie og klassiske språkInfinity and Intensionality: Towards a New SynthesisN/AN/A22.06.2021
314411NORCE Samfunn/Helse VESTLANDPublic Fairness Perceptions of Algorithmic GovernanceN/AN/A22.06.2021
314397Klinisk institutt 2Dissecting the role of islet non-ß populations’ identity maintenance in the development of monogenic diabetesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314395Institutt for informatikkCryptographic Boolean Functions for Threshold ImplementationsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314382Nasjonalt senter for e-helseforskningElectronic Medicines Management (eMM) - a comparative case study promoting coherent health and welfare servicesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314321Senter for materialvitenskap og nanoteknologiCO2 Hydrogenation by Single-Site Cooperative CatalysisN/AN/A22.06.2021
314314NORSK INSTITUTT FOR VANNFORSKNINGCOASTFRAG - Impact of habitat fragmentation and loss on coastal ecosystems: implications for sustainable management under climate changeN/AN/A22.06.2021
314308Institutt for sosialantropologiTechnologies for Immortality: A study of Human FuturesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314300INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNINGDeporting foreigners: Contested norms in international practiceN/AN/A22.06.2021
314290Consumption Research Norway, OsloMet, Oslo Metropolitan UniversityPractices and Policies of Belonging among Minority and Majority Children of Low-income FamiliesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314283STATISTISK SENTRALBYRÅ AVD OSLOCauses and consequences of labor market inequalityN/AN/A22.06.2021
314267INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNINGAlternative Work Arrangements and Worker WelfareN/AN/A22.06.2021
314253Institutt for arkeologi, historie, kultur- og religionsvitenskapOrdinary lives and marginal intimacies in rural regions. Contrasting cultural histories of queer domesticities in Norway, ca 1842-1972N/AN/A22.06.2021
314249FAFO INSTITUTT FOR ARBEIDSLIVS- OG VELFERDSFORSKNING ASChildren of Immigrants Longitudinal Study in Norway Modul 2: Explaining socioeconomic outcomes and cultural adaptations in early adulthoodN/AN/A22.06.2021
314240MF VITENSKAPELIG HØYSKOLEThe Early History of the Codex: A New Methodology and Ethics for Manuscript Studies (EthiCodex)N/AN/A22.06.2021
314237Institutt for arkeologi, historie, kultur- og religionsvitenskapMprint@EAST_AFRICA Islamic Manuscript, Print and Practice: Textual adaptations in coastal East Africa, c. 1880-2020N/AN/A22.06.2021
314229Institutt for lærerutdanning og skoleforskningSTAGE. STarting AGe and Extramural English: Learning English in and outside of school in Norway and FlandersN/AN/A22.06.2021
314216Institutt for informatikkDecoding the mRNA capping codeN/AN/A22.06.2021
314212NTNU FAKULTET FOR MEDISIN OG HELSEVITENSKAPModulation of brain activity and sensory computations by habenula-dorsal raphe circuitryN/AN/A22.06.2021
314189NTNU FAKULTET FOR MEDISIN OG HELSEVITENSKAPFunction and regulation of motile-cilia-mediated flow in the nervous systemN/AN/A22.06.2021
314157NORGES IDRETTSHØGSKOLEDoes human skeletal muscle possess an epigenetic memory of wasting? Targeting UBR5 as a therapy for muscle wasting with ageN/AN/A22.06.2021
314146UiT Norges arktiske universitet, HSL-fakultetetMemory politics of the North, 1993-2023. An interplay perspective.N/AN/A22.06.2021
314108Institutt for sikkerheit, kjemi- og bioingeniørfagViral diversity and Interactions in a Changing Environment on KelpN/AN/A22.06.2021
314079STIFTELSEN HANDELSHØYSKOLEN BIThe dynamics of political selectionN/AN/A22.06.2021
314052NTNU DET HUMANISTISKE FAKULTETThe Invention of the Lottery Fantasy: A Cultural, Transnational, and Transmedial History of European LotteriesN/AN/A22.06.2021
314017Senter for materialvitenskap og nanoteknologiDefect control in Gallium Oxide for next-generation POWer electronicsN/AN/A22.06.2021
314009Kjemisk instituttRevealing the Elusive World of Main-Group Organometallic Chemistry: An Adventure with Computational ChemistryN/AN/A22.06.2021
313902HØGSKULEN I VOLDAMandatory Reporting of Intimate Partner ViolenceN/AN/A22.06.2021
313870SINTEF OCEAN ASBIFROST - A Visual-Tactile Perception and Control Framework for Advanced Manipulation of 3D Compliant ObjectsN/AN/A22.06.2021
313851OSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET SENTER FOR VELFERDS- OG ARBEIDSLIVSFORSKNING - NIBRRegulating migration and membership through monetary requirementsN/AN/A22.06.2021
313846UNIVERSITETET I TROMSØ - NORGES ARKTISKE UNIVERSITETGood Integration (GOODINT): Goals and bottlenecks of successful integration and social cohesionN/AN/A22.06.2021
313823OSLOMET - STORBYUNIVERSITETET SENTER FOR VELFERDS- OG ARBEIDSLIVSFORSKNING - NIBREmigration from today’s Norway: Who, why, and how does it shape Norwegian society?N/AN/A22.06.2021
313809Institutt for spesialpedagogikkSpeaking up for the quiet once: Voicing the perspectives of shy students in middle schoolsN/AN/A22.06.2021
313766NORSK UTENRIKSPOLITISK INSTITUTTRussian Repretoires of Power in the MENA regionN/AN/A22.06.2021
313731NORDLANDSFORSKNING ASThe complexity of coercion in child and adolescent psychiatry (CAP)N/AN/A22.06.2021
313716Institutt for data- og elektroteknologi, Universitetet i StavangerUltra-linear Digital-to-analogue ConversionN/AN/A22.06.2021
313688Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studierOld Norse Poetry and the Development of Saga LiteratureN/AN/A22.06.2021
313682INSTITUTT FOR SAMFUNNSFORSKNINGDownplaying difference? How ethnic minorities navigate discrimination in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
313678NORSK POLARINSTITUTTArctic marine mammals in a time of climate change: a Kongsfjorden Case Study ("ARK" – ARktiske Klima forandringer Konsekvenser)N/AN/A22.06.2021
313626Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet AFI – OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan UniversityAlgorithmic Governance and Cultures of Policing: Comparative Perspectives from Norway, India, Brazil, Russia, and South AfricaN/AN/A22.06.2021
313570Institutt for biologi, NTNUEarly-life eco-evolutionary dynamics of variable seasonal migrationN/AN/A22.06.2021
313568UNIVERSITETET I OSLOThe BRIDGE study: Bridging pregnancy and fetal microchimerism with longterm female maternal cardiovascular and neurovascular healthN/AN/A22.06.2021
313508UNIVERSITETET I OSLOEpigenetic encoding of the thermogenic capacity of human adipose tissueN/AN/A22.06.2021
313472Matematisk instituttEquations in Motivic HomotopyN/AN/A22.06.2021
313286Institutt for biovitenskapTiming of host-vector-pathogen activity and emergence of Lyme disease under climate changeN/AN/A22.06.2021
312650University of OsloThe Politics of Disability IdentityN/AN/A22.06.2021

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