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COVID-19 Emergency Call for Proposals: Innovation Project Involving Public-Private Collaboration (BIA-X)

It is not permitted to seek funding under the call for Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector (open-ended call for proposals) with the same R&D project submitted to this call. Project proposals that are found to be identical will only be processed under one of the calls.

Viktige datoer

19 May 2020

Åpen for søknad

25 May 2020


30 Jun 2020

Final decision regarding funding awards (tentative date)

01 Jul 2020

Earliest permitted project start

01 Oct 2020

Latest permitted project start

30 Sep 2023

Latest permitted project completion

Viktige datoer


This is a time-limited call for Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector involving public-private collaboration. The purpose of the call is to stimulate R&D activity that promotes value creation and enhanced international competitiveness for the business sector and encourages innovation and sustainability in the health and care sector.

This call is intended to encourage genuine collaboration to help to address challenges that the public health and care services are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
NOK 185 200 000
Amount awarded
NOK 55 300 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Distribution of marks
General mark1234567
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
316333TELLU IOT ASCOVIdig - beste praksis for videoløsninger og digitalt tilsyn i helsetjenesteneN/AN/A22.06.2021
316294NORIMUN ASUtvikling av effektiv behandlingsmåte mot COVID-19 - passiv immunisering med SARS-CoV-2 nøytraliserende antistoffN/AN/A22.06.2021
316277NEC ONCOIMMUNITY ASAn artificial intelligence platform to identify T cell targets for rapid response tests during pandemics: application to SARS-CoV-2N/AN/A22.06.2021
316244DIGNIO ASInnføring av klinisk testet digital integrert oppfølging av polikliniske pasienter under og etter pandemiN/AN/A22.06.2021
316226IMATIS ASSamhandlingsapplikasjoner i helsetjenesten for kriser og daglig driftN/AN/A22.06.2021
316092GENTIAN ASDevelopment of a novel high-throughput COVID-19 antibody testN/AN/A22.06.2021
315444STEPCHANGE ASSystemic Pandemic Risk ManagementN/AN/A22.06.2021
315207NO ISOLATION ASEnkel og trygg pårørendekontaktN/AN/A22.06.2021
313651AGE LABS ASBlood test to predict the severity of COVID-19N/AN/A22.06.2021

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