Annual eScience Event from 2020 to 2025

Important dates

01 Jan 2020

Date call is made active

12 Feb 2020

Application submission deadline

16 Mar 2020

Announcement of funding awards

01 May 2020

Earliest permitted project start

01 Dec 2020

Latest permitted project start

31 Dec 2025

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates


The purpose of this call is to provide funding for an annual meeting place where young researchers can learn about new ideas, methods and theories within eScience as well as build a professional network.

eScience as a field encompasses the interface between computationally intensive scientific research in mathematics, statistics and computer science and applications in the fields of natural science, technology, life science, medicine, the humanities and social sciences.

About the call for proposals

Support awarded under this call is to fund an annual meeting place where relevant, well-known national and international presenters can hold lectures on pertinent topics in the field of eScience.

One challenge for the project manager will be to identify topics that can both cover the wide range of subject areas that eScience encompasses and provide continuity from year to year by facilitating the involvement of a core group of participants. In your application you must describe how you intend to organise the project to address this particular challenge.

To ensure adequate participation it is important to hold the annual event on roughly the same date each year and at a time that does not collide with typical academic deadlines. For example, the event should not take place during the most common examination periods.

The event must be held in Norway at a location that makes it possible to keep direct travel costs at a reasonable level. The event may last up to one week to incorporate professional input, such as through lectures, workshops and network-building activities, as well as social activities.

The primary target group for participants is doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows from Norwegian universities. However, the event must also be open to students and researchers from Norway and abroad, including students at second degree level.

Who is eligible to apply?

The call is open to approved Norwegian research organisations. See here for the list of approved Norwegian research organisations.

Who can participate in the project?

Requirements relating to the Project Owner

The organisation is to be listed as the Project Owner in the application form and must have authorised you to submit the grant application.

Requirements relating to partners

Only research organisations are eligible to be partners and to receive funding under this call. Other types of organisations, such as companies and other undertakings, may not be partners and are not eligible to receive support, but they may serve as suppliers of R&D services to the project.

Requirements relating to the project manager

  • The project manager must be an employee of the research organisation.
  • The project manager must have a relevant academic background.

Reporting and disbursement of funding

Project funding will be disbursed on an annual basis. Annual progress reports and a final report for the project are required.

What can you seek funding for?

You may apply for support for up to NOK 2 million distributed over a five-year period. This funding is to cover payroll and indirect expenses for an academic coordinator and other direct costs such as rental of premises, food, remuneration to external speakers according to the research organisation’s rates and for travel expenses for external keynote speakers to the event.

Participants at the event must cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

Scientific articles and research data

The Project Owner (R&D organisation) is responsible for selecting the archiving solution(s) to use for storing research data generated during the project. The Project Owner must specify the planned solution(s) in connection with the revised grant proposal.

Important elements to include in the project description

The project description should specify the date and general area planned for the event and explain why these have been chosen.

It is important that the anticipated benefits of the project are based on the needs of participants and documented knowledge gaps within the thematic areas described in the text of the call.

Both short- and long-term impacts and outcomes are to be described in the project description. The project description is to be submitted as an attachment to the application.

Relevant thematic areas for this call

Enabling technologies


Practical information

Requirements for this application type

Applications must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The applicant/Project Owner must come from an eligible category of institution.
  • The grant application must lie within the scope/satisfy the objectives of this call.
  • The funding amount sought and the expenses to be covered and any own funding must be in keeping with the framework of the call.
  • The budget must be formulated correctly to clearly indicate what the funding will cover.
  • The application form must be fully completed.
  • The required attachments must be included using the designated templates.
  • The project description must provide answers to the items set out in the text of the call.

All items in the project description template must be completed. Responses to each item should be as concrete and clear as possible. Applications that do not satisfy the above requirements will be rejected.

  • Grant applications and all attachments must be submitted in Norwegian.
  • All attachments must be uploaded in PDF format.

Mandatory attachments

  • A project description of maximum five pages using the designated template (found at the bottom of this page).
  • A CV of maximum four pages, including the list of publications, for the project manager. Use the designated template found at the bottom of this page.

Links to websites and documents, as well as other attachments than those specified above, will not be included in the application review process. There is no technical validation of the content of the attachments you upload, so please make sure that you upload the correct file for the selected type of attachment.

Administrative procedures

The applications will be subject to administrative review by the Research Council within four weeks following the application submission deadline.

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