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Supplementary Funding for Norwegian Participants in Horizon 2020 Projects

Updated 11 September 2019: Due to multiple enquiries, we would like to clarify the following: Grants under the Scheme for Supplementary Funding for Norwegian Participants in Horizon 2020 Projects may not be used for research, development or innovation activities. If the budget includes payroll and indirect expenses, these should be calculated using the standard rates

If your ongoing EU project has already been granted supplementary funding under one of the Research Council’s thematic programmes (e.g. BIONÆR, HELSE-EU or KLIMA), it is not permitted to seek funding on the basis of that project under this call.

This is a pilot call for proposals. A similar call will be issued in 2020, assuming that relevant funding has been made available.

Updated 3 September 2019: Applications for supplementary funding must be submitted BEFORE the start of final year of a Horizon 2020 project. The Horizon 2020 project must have activity in 2020 or later. Projects are not required to have a full 12 months of their remaining project period from 1 January 2020 to be eligible for support.

Important dates

14 Aug 2019

Date call is made active

25 Sep 2019

Application submission deadline

Important dates


The purpose of this supplementary funding is to encourage a greater number of Norwegian actors to take on a key role in Horizon 2020 projects and to give a wider range of Norwegian actors access to knowledge developed through Horizon 2020 projects. This will increase the impact of Horizon 2020 projects on research, society and trade and industry in Norway. 

The target group for this funding is Norwegian participants with a key role in a Horizon 2020 project. This funding must be applied towards independent activities and must not be used as additional funding for the Horizon 2020 project’s activities (see under “What can you seek funding for?” below for more information).

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
NOK 87 300 000
Amount awarded
NOK 42 300 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications
Approved applications
Project no.
Project title
310194BORREGAARD ASNy teknologi gjøres tilgjengelig for norskproduserte applikasjoner og markeder.N/AN/A22.06.2021
310182TECHNIUM ASModulære dekksystemer: FORSTERKN/AN/A22.06.2021
310134SINTEF ASDataBench Big Data and AI Norway - Benchmarking for Big Data and AI in practiceN/AN/A22.06.2021
310098Geofysisk instituttIncreasing the impact of supermodelling climate research in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
310073TRANSPORTØKONOMISK INSTITUTT Stiftelsen Norsk senter for samferdselsforskningSpreading BuildERS' findings among Norwegian stakeholdersN/AN/A22.06.2021
310065Institutt for administrasjon og organisasjonsvitenskapChild’s Best Interests in Child Protection: Learnings from a Cross-country Comparison.N/AN/A22.06.2021
310040SEVENDOF ASRegulatorisk tilpasning mot nytt EU-regelverk for kommersiell anvendelse av langdistanse dronesystem for automatisk kraftlinjeinspeksjonN/AN/A22.06.2021
309996UNIVERSITETET I BERGENBees pesticides and precaution: building an epistemic network in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
309983VETERINÆRINSTITUTTETFarm biosecurity and Risk-based Assessment tools for health Management of Norwegian salmon farmingN/AN/A22.06.2021
309961INSTITUTT FOR ENERGITEKNIKKNORMIND: NOrgewian Resources for MINimum Impact MINeral INdustryN/AN/A22.06.2021
309901NTNU, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Energy and Process EngineeringHydropower as Flexibility Provider for Renewable Energy Systems: Enhancing the Impact of HydroFlexN/AN/A22.06.2021
309899SMART INNOVATION NORWAY ASRenewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
309889SINTEF ASCustomer-centric Production through Open Innovation for Norwegian IndustriesN/AN/A22.06.2021
309866SINTEF ASNorwegian Green Hydrogen InitiativeN/AN/A22.06.2021
309847SINTEF ASBig Data for offentlige anskaffelserN/AN/A22.06.2021
309837NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUMobilising Norwegian participation in H2020 IMI activitiesN/AN/A22.06.2021
309819SINTEF OCEAN AS4TheWind: promotering av innovative planleggingsverktøy for offshore vindN/AN/A22.06.2021
309799INSTITUTT FOR FREDSFORSKNINGCinematic communication for increased impact of MIGNEXN/AN/A22.06.2021
309752Institutt for medier og kommunikasjonEnhancing the Digital Wellbeing of Norwegian 12-17-year-olds in collaboration with the Public Sector, Industry and Research organisations.N/AN/A22.06.2021
309735GLUCOSET ASA Norwegian network for ICU glucose controlN/AN/A22.06.2021
309711Institutt for lingvistiske, litterære og estetiske studierMaskinsyn: Utstilling og laivrollespill for utforskning av etikk og ny teknologiN/AN/A22.06.2021
309690BLBNextGEOSS data hub and platform for NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
309672STIFTELSEN NORGES GEOTEKNISKE INSTITUTTPHUSICOS-plus: Supporting a community of practice for nature-based solutionsN/AN/A22.06.2021
309601SINTEF OceanFloatingCNG: et gasstransport alternativ til lønnsom utvinning av gass fra isolerte offshore felterN/AN/A22.06.2021
309571CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNINGRapid Response Communication for Greenhouse Gas Budget VerificationN/AN/A22.06.2021
309529MARITIME CLEANTECHFlagships – Clean waterborne transport in EuropeN/AN/A22.06.2021
309527HØGSKULEN PÅ VESTLANDETCOEMS Training NetworkN/AN/A22.06.2021
309515SINTEF ASUtnytte forbedret betong med forlenget levetid for energi-infrastrukturer og konstruksjoner i ekstreme nordiske driftsforholdN/AN/A22.06.2021
309423SINTEF ASDissemination of learning from SORBent based TECHnologies for CO2 captureN/AN/A22.06.2021
309382Geofysisk institutt, Universitetet i BergenFORSTERKNINGSMIDLER-COMFORTN/AN/A22.06.2021
309365NORGES TEKNISK-NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET NTNUSustainable plus energy neighbourhoods in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
309352SINTEF ASStrengthening the regional approach to boost building integration of solar renewable energy systemsN/AN/A22.06.2021
309342SINTEF ASCircular Alumina ProductionN/AN/A22.06.2021
309336CICERO SENTER FOR KLIMAFORSKNINGEnhancing the impact of EXHAUSTIONN/AN/A22.06.2021
309334SINTEF ASExtending the impact of STOP-IT in Norway (STOP-IT_N)N/AN/A22.06.2021
309313Institutt for geofagEnhancing Norwegian involvement in the FORCeS projectN/AN/A22.06.2021
309297SINTEF ASDigital Water City in NorwayN/AN/A22.06.2021
309266SINTEF DIGITALHydrogenEnergi fra Raggovidda: MarkedsEtablering og -SikringN/AN/A22.06.2021
309255SINTEF OCEAN ASDigitalt økosystem for smarte og autonome skip.N/AN/A22.06.2021
309225BNW Energy ASAdded value from Horizon 2020 project SUPER PV - PV IMPACTN/AN/A22.06.2021
309213UNIVERSITETET I BERGENMaximizing long-term impacts and synergies of H2020 SponGESN/AN/A22.06.2021
309211TELENOR ASAAktiviteter som forsterker effekten av resultatene fra 5G-VINNI og bidrar til kunnskapdeling om 5G og H2020-prosjektarbeid.N/AN/A22.06.2021
309192Chr. Michelsen InstituteStates of Protractedness: Utilizing Norwegian Expertise for Solutions to Protracted Displacement SituationsN/AN/A22.06.2021
309097SINTEF OCEAN ASStrengthening the Norwegian participation in the GoJelly! project through increased stakeholder involvement in a Norwegian contextN/AN/A22.06.2021

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