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Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector are company-driven projects that incorporate extensive research and development (R&D) activities. The Innovation Project is to contribute significantly to renewal and increased value creation for the participating companies, and it should yield socioeconomic benefits by making new knowledge and solutions available.

The project funding from the Research Council is intended to encourage companies to invest more in R&D activities that can promote innovation and thereby expand the opportunities for sustainable growth and enhance the competitiveness of the companies.

Important dates

17 Jun 2019

Deadline for submission of project outlines

14 Aug 2019

Date call is made active

25 Sep 2019

Application submission deadline

12 Dec 2019

The decision regarding funding is expected to be announced

01 Jan 2020

Earliest permitted project start

01 May 2020

Latest permitted project start

16 Sep 2020

Application submission deadline for Innovation Projects for 2020

30 Apr 2024

Latest permitted project completion

Important dates

About the results of the application assessment process

Total amount sought
NOK 2 815 000 000
Amount awarded
NOK 1 494 000 000
Total number of applications
Number of approved applications

Approved applications