Funding for Research Stays Abroad for Researchers

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21 Oct 2022

All funding from POLARPROG is now allocated for 2022.

17 Jun 2022

All funding from CLIMIT is now allocated for 2022.

13 Jun 2022

All funding from KLIMAFORSK is now allocated for 2022.

09 Jun 2022

All funding from MARINFORSK is now allocated for 2022.


The purpose of this call is to encourage a greater number of researchers to conduct a research stay abroad and to increase international collaboration. International experience is important for building a career as a researcher. It increases expertise and expands networks, providing Norwegian research with greater opportunity to access the international research front.

About the call for proposals

Only approved Norwegian research organisations may apply for funding for research stays abroad under this call for proposals. Doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship-holders affiliated with ongoing projects must apply for funding under the Research Council’s call for Personal Overseas Research Grants for Doctoral and Post-doctoral Fellows

This call for proposals applies across multiple activities/thematic areas under the Research Council. You may only apply for support from the activities/thematic areas that are listed in the call. Please note that some activities may operate with special requirements and guidelines for this type of funding. Applicants are therefore advised to consult the relevant activity for information about any specific requirements and guidelines. For more information, see “Relevant thematic areas for this call” below.

Research stays abroad are to have a duration of minimum three months, and maximum 12 months.

At the time of submission of the grant application, applicants must not have studied or worked for more than 12 months over the past three years in the country where the international host institution is located. Exceptions may be made to this rule if the international host institution has equipment, facilities and expertise that are not available in Norway or other countries that would be appropriate for a researcher stay.

This call for proposals may not be used to spend parts of the researcher stay on Svalbard.

The Norwegian-language call for proposals is the legally binding version.

Who is eligible to apply?

The research organisation where the researcher is employed must be listed as the formal applicant and Project Owner. Any exceptions to this will be described below in the text for the specific activity/thematic area from which funding is being sought.

Funding under this call will only be provided for stays abroad for researchers. Doctoral and post-doctoral fellowship-holders affiliated with ongoing projects must apply for funding under the Research Council’s call for Personal Overseas Research Grants for Doctoral and Post-doctoral Fellows.

Who can participate in the project?

This call is open to grant applications for designated researchers. Please consult the relevant activity below for information about requirements related to the project manager.

What can you seek funding for?

  • The research organisation may apply for funding for research stays abroad for stays of 3–12 months.
  • You may only apply for support for one stay abroad per application. The stay must be completed at one host institution.
  • We cover funding for research stays abroad according to the fixed rate for research stays abroad and coverage of travel expenses (cheapest mode of transport). It is also possible to apply for reimbursement of visa costs and documented tuition fees expenses. We do not cover bench-fee costs.
  • Applications must be submitted at the latest six weeks prior to the start of the research stay.
  • You may apply for support for a research stay beginning at the latest during the calendar year following submission of your application. For example, for grant applications submitted in 2021 the research stay must begin by the end of 2022.
  • If you have children under the age of 16 and your family will be accompanying you, it is possible to apply for funding to cover the costs of one round-trip ticket for you and your accompanying family members.
  • The stay abroad cannot be divided into several shorter stays. Exceptions may be made for the following:
    • If you have children under the age of 16 and your family will not be accompanying you, and if your stay abroad is at least four months in duration, you may divide the period into multiple shorter stays. In these cases, you may apply for funding to cover round-trip tickets to the institution abroad every other month during the research stay (to be rounded down). Research stays of less than four months do not qualify for funding for extra trips home to Norway.

Relevant thematic areas for this call

All the thematic areas and topics listed below are relevant under this call. Special requirements and guidelines may be indicated in some of the thematic areas. In the grant application form, please select the thematic area under which the activity you are applying for support from is listed.

Ground-breaking research

Energy, transport and low emissions

Environment-friendly energy


AquacultureFood - Blue sectorOcean technology


Climate and polar research


Enabling technologies

Under this call, this thematic area applies to funding for projects already receiving support under the IKTPLUS and NANO2021 programmes.

Research on ICT developmentNanotechnology/advanced materials

Education and competence


Welfare, culture and society

Cultural foundation of societyCulture, language and diversityCulture and natureScience and societyArt and cultureWorking lifeLabour marketLiving conditions and demographic changesFamilies and formative conditionsMigration, immigration and integrationThe welfare society's services and organisationWelfare benefitsCultural prerequisites, sustainability of and support for the welfare society

Practical information

Requirements for this application type

Please note that it is not possible to revise and resubmit grant applications multiple times for calls for proposals with open-ended submission deadlines. It is therefore important that your application is completely finished before you submit it.

General requirements

  • The applicant/Project Owner must come from an eligible category of institution.
  • The grant application must lie within the scope of this call.
  • The funding amount sought and the expenses to be covered must be in keeping with the framework of the call.
  • The budget must be formulated correctly to clearly indicate what the funding will cover.
  • The application form must be fully completed.
  • The required attachments must be included using the designated templates.
  • The project description must provide answers to the items set out in the text of the call.

Mandatory attachments

  • A project description providing scientific justification and a plan for the research stay abroad, using the designated template;
  • A binding letter of invitation from an institution abroad;
  • A CV for the individual for whom the funding is being sought, using the designated template.

All the templates for attachments are available for download at the end of the call for proposals.

Grant applications that do not satisfy the above requirements will be rejected.

Links to websites and documents, as well as other attachments than those specified above, will not be included in the application review process.

Assessment criteria

Applications submitted to this call for proposals will be assessed according to the criteria for administrative reviews.

Administrative procedures

Grant applications will be assessed by the Research Council administration.

The final decision regarding funding can be expected within six weeks after the application has been received by the Research Council.

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