Student entrepreneurship(STUD-ENT)

The STUD-ENT funding scheme is the Research Council’s national competitive arena in which students, together with higher education institutions, may seek financial support for realising their knowledge- and/or research-based business ideas.

When reviewing grant applications, the Research Council uses only external referees with relevant experience in relation to the individual grant applications.

The external referees have a background as an investor, business developer, technology developer, entrepreneur or the like. They provide critical and practical advice for all grant applications, regardless of whether applicants receive financial support.

All projects that are assessed will receive written feedback from the referees. Thus, the STUD-ENT scheme also serves as a practical learning arena for students, universities and university colleges.

The scheme enables institutions to focus on the most promising student business ideas, promote their realisation and subsequently use them as role models to foster an entrepreneurship culture.

What is a STUD-ENT project?

  • seeks to realise a knowledge-based business idea;
  • has a project manager who is a student or has recently completed a master’s degree;
  • has the formal support of a Norwegian university or university college;
  • may address any subject field or branch of industry.

High market maturity is not required, but the project must be business-driven, not research-driven. This means that project activities must help to reduce the level of risk associated with the project/provide the answers to questions that a customer, industry partner, investor or other public/private funding source needs to resolve before deciding to invest in further development or procurement.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students pursuing a master’s or bachelor’s degree may apply. The project manager of a STUD-ENT project must be a recent master’s degree graduate , i.e. must:

i) have planned to submit his/her Master’s thesis by at the latest six months after the application submission deadline, or

ii) have received his/her Master’s diploma no more than 12 months prior to submission of the grant application.

Project start date and duration

As a general rule, the project start date is to be planned for 1 June and the project to have a duration of one year. Any necessary deviations from this must be clearly explained in the grant application.

Requirements and other information

Requirements relating to the business idea

What can be applied for?

Requirements relating to the project team

Requirements relating to mentors

Requirements relating to the university/university college

Disbursal of funding and reporting requirements

Publication of calls for proposals


Funding from Innovation Norway and the STUD-ENT scheme

Student projects that have previously received funding for premarket evaluation support or commercialisation support from Innovation Norway are eligible to apply for STUD-ENT funding, but not the other way around. Innovation Norway now stipulates that projects that have received STUD-ENT funding are not eligible to apply for premarket evaluation support or commercialisation support from Innovation Norway.