Application results for the calls for Researcher Projects with deadline 25 May 2020

Did you apply for a Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal, Young Research Talents or International Mobility in May 2020? We have announced which projects have been awarded.

Approximately NOK 2.65 billion have been allocated to 256 applications. The funding concerns these three calls for proposals:

We received 2,363 applications for a total of NOK 23.5 billion. The lists of project applications awarded funding will be published here. You will also receive an answer to your application in My RCN Web. 

The application results

Application results in February 2021

As a result of extra funding awarded for excellent research and challenge-driven humanities research 14 additional applications for Researcher projects were granted funding in February.

Application results for the calls for Researcher Projects - granted in February (PDF)

About the processing of applications

The applications have been assessed by international referee panels. The composition of referees on each panel was based on the applications they were tasked with assessing. The panels have obtained supplementary assessments from external referees when necessary.

In total, almost 460 referees have participated as members of 90 panels. The panels have obtained supplementary assessments from approximately 260 external referees.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to changes to this year's processing of applications for Researcher Projects. The number of applications submitted was so great that it would not have been possible to carry out the processing as planned. To ensure that applications with a real possibility of receiving funding were given a thorough, overall assessment with the full panel present, we therefore introduced an additional qualification stage.

All applications were read and assessed by all members of the panel, but approximately 30 per cent of applications were not taken to the next stage of assessment by the full panel. Which applications were to be assessed by the joint? panel was decided on the basis of pre-defined criteria devised from the referees’ individual assessments of the applications. In the meeting, the panel awarded the final mark, wrote the consensus-based assessments and ranked the best applications.

After being assessed by the full panel, the applications were assessed in relation to the individual topics in the call and their relevance in light of the topic(s) selected in the application. Only the applications that received the highest scores form the panel were assessed for relevance. Applications to the topic Ground-breaking Research (FRIPRO) were not assessed for relevance for this topic.

The decision to award funding to applications is made by the portfolio boards, based on the Research Council’s recommendations.

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