Administrative procedure for Researcher Project applications in 2023

Learn about the administrative procedures for the Researcher Project calls.

In the first half of 2023, we have the following two application deadlines for Researcher Projects:

There will be some differences in the administrative procedure for the applications we receive to the two call deadlines. In these cases, there are separate descriptions for each of the calls.

  • First, the Research Council’s administration carries out a preliminary administrative review to check that the applications meet all formal requirements described in the call.
  • The applications are then forwarded to panels for processing.
    • 8 February: The applications are assessed in thematic panels. Which panel each application is assigned to is based on the topic selected by the applicant.
    • 15 March (FRIPRO): The applications are assessed by a set of referee panels assembled based on the scientific scope of the applications. We strongly encourage applicants to write the application clearly with referees with a general scientific understanding of the field in mind.
  • Only 8 February: The Research Council then considers the application’s relevance to the topic selected by the applicant.
  • Finally, the Research Council administration presents alternative ranked lists to the portfolio boards, which will make the final funding decisions.

The calls for Researcher projects with the application deadline 8 February 2023, do not include funding for the topic Ground-breaking research (FRIPRO). Funding from FRIPRO is only available in the call with deadline 15 March 2023.

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