What is the Green Platform Initiative?

The Green Platform Initiative provides funding for enterprises and research institutes engaged in green growth and restructuring driven by research and innovation.

The Government wishes to use the Green Platform Initiative to stimulate bigger and more rapid investments from companies in green sustainable solutions and products. That will strengthen Norwegian exports and value creation and enable us to implement the green transition and create green growth. It will also make Norwegian companies and research institutions better equipped to exploit the opportunities provided by the EU’s Green Deal initiative, which is part of the research and innovation programme Horizon Europe.

The objective is to trigger opportunities for green value creation through major projects. They should comprise the whole value chain from research and knowledge production to testing, commercialisation and industrialisation of sustainable, green products and services.

Call for proposals 2022: NOK 750 million

The Green Platform was launched in May 2020 as part of the government's third package of financial measures in response to the corona pandemic. The initiative is continued in 2022 with up to NOK 750 million for a new call for proposals.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries is behind the initiative, but sustainable green restructuring concerns the whole society and has a broad support in several ministries. The Research Council, Innovation Norway, and Siva will manage the funds between different types of applications and instruments.

The Research Council, Innovation Norway and Siva will manage the funds through different types of applications and policy instruments. 

Several existing joint schemes also deliver on the Green Platform Initiative objectives, including:

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