Guidance, questions and answers

Are you applying for funding from the Green Platform Initiative? Watch the information video and get answers to your own questions about the calls for proposals (the video is in Norwegian).

Project outlines received

We received 155 sketches by the March 8 deadline.

See the list of project outlines with project outline title, applicant organisation and contact person (pdf).

We encourage developing ideas and collaborating across sketches.

Questions and answers (FAQ)

This section will be updated continuously during the winter and spring of 2023 in line with this year's call for proposals.

About this year's Green Platform call

This year's call for proposals is the third call from the Green Platform Initiative. As in 2022, this year there will be a requirement to submit an outline prior to the main call for proposals. Submission of an outline is mandatory and constitutes the first phase of the application process for this year's Green Platform call. Applications for the main call for proposals must be based on at least one outline submitted by the deadline of 8 March 2023, at 13:00. Applications for the main call that are not based on an outline submitted by the deadline, will be rejected.

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