EEA and Norway Grants: the Baltics

Norway has signed agreements with the three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to fund a joint Baltic Research Programme under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme. The Baltic Research Programme has a budgetary framework of EUR 25 million.

Each of the three countries is to issue a call for proposals under the programme. The first call was issued by Estonia in 2018, and calls for proposals are planned for 2019 and 2020 as well. Latvia will be responsible for the second call, expected to be issued in September 2019, while Lithuania will issue the third and final call under the programme in 2020.

Funding must be sought by research organisations in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Projects are required to include at least one partner (research organisation) from Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.


Norwegian research organisations interested in participating in projects funded under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme can register to find a partner in the Partner Search Database (Excel form) on our Partner Search information page (in English). Your contact details will be made available to other research groups that may be of interest.

We also recommend that research groups in Norway contact the research groups they know of in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania directly to investigate opportunities to cooperate on a project funded under the EEA and Norway Grants scheme.

Taking part in a project enables researchers in Norwegian institutions to find valuable partners in close proximity to the Nordic region with expertise in the same areas, and to strengthen their regional network.

At least one partner from a Baltic country

Projects are required to involve at least one partner from another Baltic country. Proposals with partners from two Baltic countries may seek up to EUR 800 000 in funding. Applications with partners from all three Baltic countries may seek up to EUR 1 million.

Partners from third countries may also participate, but are required to cover their own costs.

Research areas

Thematic areas covered under the programme include:

  • public health, translational medicine, health technology;
  • migration, social inclusion;
  • regional cybersecurity, public security;
  • environmentally friendly solutions;
  • regional economic development, employment, labour market regulations and social policy;
  • more efficient resource utilisation.

Three- to four-year projects

Projects are to have a duration of minimum 36 months, and maximum 48 months, and must conclude by 30 April 2024.

There is keen competition for funding from the research programmes financed by the EEA and Norway Grants scheme, and participation in projects under these programmes can strengthen your research organisation as an applicant for Horizon 2020 funding.

Interested? Register to find a partner in our Partner Search Database.