EEA and Norway Grants: Czech Republic - KAPPA

EUR 35 million has been allocated by EEA and Norway Grants for research cooperation between Norway and the Czech Republic between 2019 and 2024 under the new "KAPPA" programme.

The MoU and programme agreement stipulate that the programme will focus on applied research and foster cooperation between research and industry. The programme will accept applications in all subject areas.

Approximately EUR 5 million is earmarked for research on carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) is responsible for the programme implementation, calls for proposals and the KAPPA programme website.


The programme will invite Norwegian research institutions and companies interested in cooperation with Czech partners.

The programme emphasises applied research, but a project may include elements of basic research if necessary.

The minimum requirement is for one Czech applicant/coordinator and one partner from Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. Multiple partners are allowed.

Interested? You may use the Partner Search Database on our Partner Search information page, and we recommend participating in the programme’s partner matchmaking to be announced on our event calendar.

Interested?  Register to find a partner in our Partner Search Database.

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