Funding is available for pilot projects to support potential applicant consortia in developing projects with the best possible prerequisites for contributing to the objective of the Pilot Health scheme.

Pilot Health projects are to be ambitious innovation programmes characterised by broad consortia with collaboration across several sectors (public, private, research organisations and user organisations) and service levels.

The goal of pre-projects

The aim of announcing funding for pilot projects is to

  • ensure broad user involvement and needs mapping in early phases of project development so that the solutions developed are in line with the needs of patients, citizens, the service and society
  • ensure the establishment and good anchoring of collaboration between relevant project participants from the public sector, trade and industry, research organisations, user organisations, the voluntary sector or other relevant actors
  • ensure that a survey has been carried out of the prerequisites for the public entity(s) to implement the innovation, including the need for e.g. organisational and system technical changes
  • make it possible to map how a potential procurement will take place
  • identify synergies between the pre-projects and, where appropriate, propose new collaborations

What are you going to achieve in the pre-project?

The pre-project must result in answers that can be used as a basis for applying for a main project. During the preliminary project, you will find out

  • what needs and challenges the main project should address, preferably based on early user involvement and needs mapping
  • what goals and ambitions the main project should have – how will the project contribute to solving the challenges and meeting the needs
  • who is to participate in the main project with a description of roles and responsibilities for all actors, including users and other stakeholders
  • how the value creation potential and potential benefits from the project can be substantiated, how can the project contribute to the goal of Pilot Health
  • how the main project can be implemented, what is needed in terms of resources and budget
  • what you need to do and who you need to involve in the main project to ensure that the innovations that the project will develop can be implemented and procured
  • how a main project can utilise existing research and innovation infrastructure (e.g. catapult centres, national research infrastructures)

The pre-projects may have a duration of up to six months and may receive up to NOK 250 000 in funding. Funding may cover up to 100 per cent of eligible costs, and the intention is to prepare an application for the main call.

Read the full call for proposals here: Pre-project for Pilot Health (

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