Frequently asked questions

Detailed information about the requirements for project proposals to the STUD-ENT scheme is provided in the call for proposals. Here you will find answers to questions that students considering STUD-ENT funding most frequently ask, but that are not provided in the text of the call.

Are educational institutions allowed to support multiple projects?

Are the students required to have studied at the institution that is supporting the project?

Can applicants include letters of intent to support their applications?

Do applicants receive feedback on their applications?

What if the applicant disagrees with the feedback on the application?

Why is it necessary to describe a plan for the project when plans so often change later?

What are some typical problems with projects that do not win funding?

Is it permitted to receive funding from both Innovation Norway and the STUD-ENT scheme?

Is it permitted to receive funding from other funding sources and the STUD-ENT scheme?

How is the funding disbursed and what are the reporting requirements?

Please contact the educational institutions for guidance