Follow-up and deadlines for INFRSTRUKTUR projects

20 Jan 2020

Final deadline for submitting invoices for the previous year

01 Feb 2020

Deadline for annual progress reports and final reports for projects concluded the previous quarter

01 Jul 2020

Deadline for submitting invoices for costs incurred in the first half of the year (when possible)

31 Dec 2020

Deadline for applying to transfer funds to the next year through a change to the approved project framework

By agreement

Annual follow-up meeting with the Research Council

Upon request

Projects with an end date in the course of the year are asked to submit their final report no later than one month after project completion.

Follow-up and deadlines for INFRSTRUKTUR projects

Submitting progress and final reports

Applicants granted project funding under the INFRASTRUKTUR initiative must submit reports both under way during the funding period and for a period after the project has started up. The contract specifies the deadlines for submitting your reports.

Submitting invoices

All disbursements to INFRASTRUKTUR projects are paid out based on approved invoices. You may only invoice for actual incurred costs, and certain conditions must be satisfied.

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