166 outlines for the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure

The outlines will help research organisations and research infrastructures to have a good national coordination and interaction that will in turn lead to solid grant applications for the main call for proposals in November.

Applicants aiming to apply for funding for research infrastructure this year had to submit an outline before May 27.

The outline contents reveal great need and high ambitions for the infrastructures, but also that a need for more coordination and prioritisation remains for the research organisations that are listed as project managers before the final application deadline of 18 November.

The Research Council will not conduct reviews of the outlines, but we are publishing them here so that research environments with similar infrastructure needs can more easily find each other. Also, they are published, in order for them to enter into cooperation before grant applications for the final call for proposals.

You have to prioritise and achieve good national coordination

We are funding NOK 1000–NOK 1200 million for research infrastructure with a deadline of 18 November. The complete call for proposals will be ready at the end of June. Applicants may create grant applications as from 7 October.

If all the 166 outlines turn into grant applications, it will mean that you apply for around NOK 10 billion and the competition will be very fierce. We therefore ask organisations to coordinate and prioritise their needs so that the number of applications will to some extent be limited.

Some of the outlines seem to apply more to local than national needs, and some of the outlines seem to describe infrastructures that overlap with other outlines or with already established infrastructures.

Funding should go to research infrastructures that are of broad national importance, i.e. infrastructures that:

• has broad national interest
• the basis for conducting internationally leading research
• as a general rule, are located only in one or a very few places in the country
• are to be made available to relevant research environments and industries

There will be an information meeting on this in the month of September, more information is coming soon.

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