Industrial PhD scheme – Doctoral projects in industry

Companies seeking to enhance their research expertise and activity may apply for funding for a doctoral project.

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Under the Industrial PhD scheme, a company collaborates with a university or university college on a doctoral project. The doctoral project is carried out by an employee and must be of clear relevance to the company’s activities.

An Industrial PhD project culminates in concrete research and development results that enhance the company’s core activity, products and/or services.

The company employee receives researcher training with specialised expertise related to the company’s needs and challenges.

The collaboration with a university or university college expands research competency and knowledge for the doctoral candidate and the company as a whole.

Thus an Industrial PhD project benefits at least three different parties:

  • The company receives support to enhance its core activities, services and products. The company has the opportunity to expand its expertise within its own specific framework and needs. An Industrial PhD project is also an excellent opportunity to establish or maintain a valuable collaborative relationship with the academic sector, and provides access to the research organisation’s knowledge, expertise and infrastructure.

  • The doctoral candidate earns a PhD and obtains researcher training enriched by insight into key business-related challenges along with the research competence to address them. The project provides the candidate with access to invaluable insights within his/her company as well as to the research organisation’s expertise.

  • The degree-conferring institution has the opportunity to establish or further develop collaboration with a dynamic company that has unique expertise in its field. Universities and university colleges also gain doctoral candidates that possess a business perspective and insight into private-sector challenges and needs.

It is important that all significant changes to the projects are reported via My RCN web.

Good tips for a well-executed project


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