Frequently asked questions about Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research

Here you will find what the applicants for the call for proposals for a Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) are most likely to ask about. The list of questions and answers will be updated periodically until the application deadline of 15 November 2023.

Will funding from foreign user partners be included as part of the user financing of an FME? Foreign user partners may be important in achieving the objectives of the centre and the FME scheme. In the financing of FME, contributions from foreign user partners (companies) will be included. One of the objectives of the FME scheme is business development and value creation in Norwegian business and industry, so Norwegian businesses must be in the majority among the user partners.
Can foreign research institutions (UoH or institutes) get money from the centre budget? Yes, foreign research partners can receive funding from the centre, but the scope must be seen in the context of the objectives of the centre and the objectives of the FME scheme. The main part of the funds should be spent in Norway.
Is it possible to say something about the balance between in kind and cash financing from user partners? There is no requirement for a specific level. The starting point for the advice in the call for proposals is our observations of centres with a very high in kind proportion; Operating such centres can be demanding and unpredictable. Incidentally, it is not desirable for the partners to contribute only cash.
If a company has an industrial PhD 50 per cent funded by one company and the rest from the Research Council, can the hours covered by the company for this candidate go into FME? The funding from the company will already have triggered support from the Research Council for the Industrial PhD, and the funding will therefore not be included in FME funding. The same NOK can not be used several times.


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