Rates for funding of researcher time in the university and university college sector and for health trusts

Here you will find the Research Council rates that you are to use when you apply for funding for academic personnel in projects for the university and university college sector. These rates are also to be used by health trusts to seek project funding of payroll and indirect costs for academic personnel.

“Researcher time” is defined as the work time academic personnel use to carry out R&D activities. Such time encompasses the planning, organisation, execution and documentation of the R&D activities.

Research Council funding for researcher time is awarded as a lump-sum allocation to the organisation responsible for employing the researcher. This funding is to help to cover salary, social security costs, indirect costs and general operating costs (including supervision of research fellows). The rates per person-year may be divided into 12 person-months or 1 628 person-hours.

Rates for 2022 and 2023

The rate for 2022 is NOK 1,190,000 and for 2023 it is NOK 1,244,000. For projects with a duration of more than one year, an annual increase in the rate of 4 per cent should be budgeted for 2024. For the following years, an annual increase of 3 per cent should be used.

The rates stipulated for funding may deviate from the costs that the organisation has calculated for researcher time in the budget.

See Calculating payroll and indirect expenses for the university and university college sector.

For both the university and university college sector and the health trusts, any difference between the calculated costs for researcher time and the Research Council’s funding rates for this must be covered through own or other financing. This will be clarified in the individual call for proposals.

Sample calculation for a typical Researcher Project

An academic employee uses seven person-months a year for work on the project. The person-year costs under the TDI model are calculated as NOK 1 600 000. The budget for annual payroll and indirect expenses for this individual in the project is then: NOK 1 600 000/12*7 = NOK 933 333. The annual lump-sum rate for Research Council funding for researcher time for 2020 is NOK 1 125 000, or NOK 93 750 per month. The amount of time the researcher spends working on the project sets the ceiling for the amount of funding you may seek from the Research Council, i.e. 7 months per year = NOK 656 250 in this example. This leads to a difference of NOK 277 083 between the costs calculated for researcher time and the funding available from the Research Council. This sum must be covered by own financing from the organisation where the researcher is employed or by some other form of funding.

Calculating costs and funding of researcher time for A full person-year Example: 7 months
Calculated cost for researcher time (TDI model)
(enter in the cost plan under “Payroll and indirect expenses”)
1 600 000 933 333
Maximum funding from the Research Council for researcher time for universities/university colleges/health trusts – rate for 2020 (enter in the funding plan under “Research Council”) 1 125 000 656 250
Applicant’s own share (enter in the funding plan under “Own financing”) 475 000 277 083

Please note that any special conditions and guidelines will be stated in the call for proposals.

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