Funding for increased participation in EU projects (the STIM-EU scheme)

The STIM-EU scheme is designed to increase participation of Norwegian research institutes in the EU framework programmes for research, innovation and technological development. STIM-EU funding is entirely results-based; it is not possible to apply for it.

STIM-EU funding is available for research institutes granted public basic funding as well as to other institutions and research institutes. Institutions listed under the headlines "Research institutes" and "Other approved research organisations" in the Research Council's list of approved research organisations are qualified to receive STIM-EU funding.

The Ministry of Education and Research allocated NOK 273 million for STIM-EU funding in 2019.

The scheme is intended to encourage:

  • increased participation of research institutes in the EU framework programme;
  • more research institutes to take on coordinator responsibilities in EU projects;
  • greater cooperation between research institutes, the business sector and the public sector.

Guidelines for STIM-EU funding are available here (pdf in Norwegian).

Allocation of funding

Research institutes with public basic funding receive their STIM-EU funding as a supplement. Other research institutes receive a separate allocation letter.

Funding is disbursed in November/December after the final update of the EU contract database for the year.

Research institutes are to use EU-STIM funding to support their strategic development efforts in keeping with the guidelines for public basic funding for research institutes (Norwegian text).

Research institutes must report on how the STIM-EU funds are used and will be informed about how the reporting will take place on the allocation letter.


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