Funding for Mergers and Closer Collaboration in the Institute Sector

The funding is to stimulate mergers and closer institutional collaboration both within the institute sector and across the institute and university and university college sector. Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis.

Only research institutions encompassed by the Guidelines for basic public funding of research institutes may apply for funding under this scheme. Support may be awarded for processes that also involve Norwegian and foreign institutions from outside the basic funding scheme. Funding will in such case be disbursed to the research institute.

The funding must primarily be used for procedural and technical measures in connection with mergers, but may also be used to organise closer binding collaboration at the institute level. Examples of such activities are:

  • board seminars and subject-specific seminars to discuss and establish potential collaboration, merger processes and develop joint strategies
  • consultancy aid to manage and clarify legal and tax issues (rights management, labour law, pension schemes, VAT, collaboration and take-over models etc.)
  • work on documents that will formalise the merger or binding collaboration (joint strategies, agreements, contracts, articles of association, etc.)
  • adaptation of premises, other infrastructure, administrative systems, etc.

We do not award funding to cover the working hours of employees at the institutes.

It is assumed that the boards have approved initiation of the processes. The amount of funding is between NOK 100,000 and 2 million. Funding is awarded in the form of de minimis aid as defined in the state aid rules.

Application process, allocation and reporting

  • Applications can be submitted at any time to until the available budget has been depleted.
  • The application must include a brief description of the process and specific measures envisaged, and grounds for the application with itemised costs.
  • Together with the application, the applicant must submit a signed form "Self-declaration form for de minimis support".
  • It is possible to apply for funding in several rounds in the course of the same process.
  • The application must be signed by the chairs of the board and general managers of all involved parties.
  • Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis and in accordance with the Public Administration Act and the Freedom of Information Act. If the content of an application is deemed to constitute trade secrets, it will be subject to a duty of secrecy, cf. Section 13 first paragraph (2) of the Public Administration Act. Information about applicants, the outcome of application processing and letters of allocation will be publicly available.
  • Funding will be disbursed in advance as soon as the application has been granted.
  • In connection with the institutes’ annual reporting to the Research Council concerning the use of basic funding, a brief status report of the process must be provided showing how the funding has been used. When the process has been completed, a final report must be submitted showing how the total amount of funding has been used.

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