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It is essential to maintain an ongoing dialogue about research activities and research results and how they can help to create value and solve societal challenges. The Research Council offers activities designed for various target groups as well as programmes dedicated to promoting science communication.

National Science Week in Norway is one of the largest science festivals in Europe. Research and knowledge institutions across the country offer the public at large insight into their research efforts. Activities during the festival include everything from open laboratories to science debate, researcher stand-up presentations, quizzes and even a “Grand Prix” stage contest for researchers. Most events are free of charge and open to everyone. The festival is held every year for two weeks in late September. The theme for 2019 is the environment.

During the nationwide citizen science project for schools, all pupils in Norway are invited to help researchers to collect data. Researchers who would like to participate are encouraged to submit their suggestions.

The Nysgjerrigper Science Knowledge Project is organised by the Research Council for children in primary school and their teachers. Its purpose is to teach children what research involves and focuses on, and to let them try research themselves. School classes may subscribe to the Nysgjerrigper magazine, participate in the Nysgjerrigper contest and use the Research Council’s procedures for scientific method in schools.

The Norwegian Contest for Young Scientists is for young people from 13 to 19 years old. Contest participants can win cash prizes and trips to international contests and gatherings. Individuals choose their own project topics, and entries are judged by a jury comprising experts from universities and university colleges.

The regional science centres provide a popular scientific experience as well as a learning centre for mathematics, the natural sciences and technology. The centres are designed to convey the excitement of scientific work and experiments. The Research Council administers a funding scheme for the science centres.