Research Council activities relating to renewal in the public sector

The Research Council provides funding under many different programmes, sectors and thematic areas for projects that promote renewal and innovation in the public sector. 

was allocated for this thematic area in 2018

523million NOK

Strategy for innovation in the public sector

The Research Council has its own strategy for innovation in the public sector. 

See: Strategy for innovation in the public sector (pdf).

The Project Databank provides statistics and information about the projects funded by the Research Council within this thematic area.

Key programmes for this thematic area

Activities under the Research Council’s programmes extend across multiple thematic areas. The programmes listed here are the largest contributors of funding for this thematic area.

Services research and innovation for enhanced quality, competency and efficiency in the health and care services, the labour and welfare services, and child and family welfare services.

  • high potential for value creation for companies and society
  • companies willing and motivated to conduct research-based innovation activities
  • companies with an international perspective
  • companies that dare to take risks

Promotes innovation by providing funding for long-term research conducted in close cooperation between research-performing companies and prominent research groups. 

The SFI centres are to develop expertise of high international calibre in fields of importance for innovation and value creation. 

  • For public sector employees seeking to pursue a doctoral degree 
  • Employers in the public sector may apply for funding for an employee seeking to pursue a doctoral degree. 
  • The doctoral project must be of clear relevance to the entity’s area of responsibility. 
  • learning processes, assessment forms and learning outcomes 
  • praxis, professional practice and competence development 
  • governance, management, organisation and achievement of results 
  • education, society and working life  
  • Supports projects designed to develop knowledge for the municipal sector. 
  • Is to establish closer links between the municipal sector, research groups and other knowledge actors to achieve more knowledge-based innovation.