Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

The EU framework programme Horizon Europe

One important task of the Research Council of Norway is to ensure Norwegian participation in the EU's framework programs. The relevance of the structure of Horizon Europe for the Portfolio on International Relations and Global Development is primarily linked to Pillar 2 – Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness.


Structure and priorities of the EU framework programme Horizon Europe.

Horizon Europe will incorporate research and innovation missions linked to key societal challenges and relevant to a broad range of stakeholders as well as to citizens to increase the effectiveness of funding by pursuing clearly defined targets. Missions are a new concept to the EU framework programme and are thereby ‘experimental’. They provide a learning lab for policy experimentation with a view to planning and co-creating R&I with all the EU policies concerned but also with concerned stakeholders and citizens. Ultimately, they should deliver European public goods on some of the issues that matter most to people. The five mission areas are:

  • Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation
  • Cancer
  • Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters
  • Climate-neutral and smart cities
  • Soil health and food

This Portfolio will closely follow up on the framework programme's more specific priorities as they are developed and will strongly encourage relevant research groups to participate in EU-calls for proposals.

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