Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

Priority research types

An important task for this portfolio is to promote research with the purpose of informing policymaking. In terms of the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) the research within this portfolio will mainly find itself on TRLs 1-6, encompassing basic research to prototype system (the latter especially related to health research). The priority application types in call for proposals will be Researcher Projects and Collaborative and Knowledge-building Projects. Implementation research is key to the effective deployment and scaling-up of efficacious health interventions and will also be prioritised. There is also a use of Coordination and Support Activities for minor projects like conferences, research schools and networks. Innovation projects are also part of the Portfolio's funding instruments. In order to ensure future recruitment to the research field, applications for PhD positions as well as post-doctoral fellowships should normally be included in the projects.

The Research Council seeks direct as well as indirect interaction with policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure the highest possible degree of policy relevance. We will use the established communication channels with the government ministries and take initiative to establish regular meeting places involving policymakers and researchers. Calls for proposals will require applicants to include a plan for dialogue with relevant stakeholders, including use of relevant social media platforms and a dedicated, regularly updated project website.

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