Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

Disciplinary Research Priorities

The disciplinary priorities of this Portfolio are strongly related to the thematic priorities; mainly the social sciences and medicine and health sciences. There is a new emphasis on the contribution from the humanities within the Portfolio, in accordance with the ambitions in the Government's white paper Meld. St. 25 (2016–2017) The Humanities in Norway. A central aim of the white paper is to contribute to greater mutual curiosity, exploration and proximity between the humanities and other subject areas and areas of society.

Interdisciplinary and transformative research is gaining attention both in Norway and globally as the emphasis on tackling complex real-world problems and conducting high quality ground-breaking research means that traditional monodisciplinary approaches are in many cases no longer suitable. In order to be able to address complex challenges, there is a need to ensure a stronger emphasis on innovative inter-disciplinary programmes, across a wide range of disciplines, and this Portfolio will encourage and support researchers intending to adopt interdisciplinary and transformative ways of working.

A new emphasis is placed on methodology using shared data, artificial intelligence and modelling. New communication strategies are needed with better use of innovative technology and approaches to ensure new knowledge learned is shared with all the relevant stakeholders using effective and relevant approaches and strategies.

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