Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

Overall goals and priorities

The overall goals for public funding of research via the Research Council are:

Competitive industries Grand
A well functioning research system Knowledge based policy

This Portfolio will have a specific responsibility towards the goal of meeting grand challenges. By imposing structural requirements on the applicants for funding, the Portfolio will contribute to developing a well-functioning research system within the relevant areas, and offer highly competent counsel to the ministries on research policy. By applying expert assessments of project proposals, the Portfolio will give significant contributions to the goal of increasing scientific quality. This Portfolio also has a focus on global development through the creation of jobs and industries, and will thus further contribute to the goal of competitive industries.

The government's priorities for research and higher education are stated in the Long-term plan for research and higher education 2019-2028. This Portfolio will have a particular responsibility towards the priority area "Societal security and social cohesion in a globalised world".

The Portfolio's overall goal is to advance the frontiers of research within the relevant thematic areas, to encourage recruitment and development of leaders in research, to strengthen capacity both in Norway and internationally and to secure increased evidence and actionable knowledge concerning Norway´s foreign and security policy, its economic interests as well as its international development agenda. The ambition is to foster excellence in research, to promote knowledge exchange including research informing policymakers and other relevant stakeholders.

The research programmes supported by this Portfolio will contribute to meeting the knowledge needs and knowledge sharing related to global and regional challenges, Norway’s role in a globalised world, the established world order and the institutions that underpin it, and trends and developments in other countries that influence Norwegian interests, politically, economically and security-wise, as well as the implementation of its international development agenda.

Key documents which constitute the basis for the Portfolio's priorities are the white papers:

The Norwegian Research Council will foster cooperation across the Norwegian research community as well as promote international collaboration with research institutions and individual research groups abroad. An important dimension of the portfolio is fair and equitable partnerships with developing countries to strengthen their research capacity on global challenges. In line with the Government's EU-policy there is a strong emphasis on encouraging and enabling Norwegian researchers to participate in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

The basic ambition of this Portfolio is to promote research enhancing understanding of:

  • the challenges, opportunities and alternative options facing Norway in the pursuit of its international interests and values;
  • the foreign, security and international development policies of countries that are particularly significant in terms of their impact on Norwegian interests;
  • the international system, international cooperation and conflict, and the global and regional institutions as well as Norway´s place therein.

A priority aim for this Portfolio is to oversee and ensure the development and delivery of innovative research programmes, in support of global efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the Research Council's commitment to underpin the Norwegian government's adoption of the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

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