Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

Investment objectives

The investment objectives provide direction and scope for the Portfolio Board's more concrete goals and priorities, which are laid down in the investment plans – the three-year plans for the Portfolio's call for proposals, and other measures.

Investment objectives for the Portfolio for Global Development and International Relations:

Overall goals and priorities

User goals

Societal goals

Promote research and new knowledge

to underpin Norwegian and international efforts in meeting global and regional challenges,

to help safeguarding Norway’s role in a globalised world and

to ensure the integrity of Norwegian politics, economy, legislation, society and business.

  • The Government has a good understanding of the international system, international cooperation and conflict, and the global and regional institutions and Norway's place therein;
  • The Norwegian foreign administration uses research for framing foreign and security policy and for underpinning Norway's commitment in contributing to achieving the SDGs;
  • Research institutions and researchers on the areas of development, foreign and security related research are highly competitive and of international standing;
  • The R&D environment interact with and transfer knowledge to users of research;
  • Politics and administration, business and civil society utilise a broad knowledge base to deal with global challenges and international cooperation.
  • Norway contributes effectively to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Norway is aware of the challenges, opportunities and alternative options it is facing in the pursuit of its interests and values;
  • The Norwegian society is robust and informed.

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