Portfolio plan Global Development and International Relations

Anticipated output, outcome and impact

In order to secure that targeted efforts contribute to reaching the goals and objective set for this Portfolio, the desired corresponding outputs, outcomes and impacts are established in the following table:




  • Better publications, both scientific and more wide-ranging and user-focused;
  • Strengthened research capacity and increased recruitment;
  • Scientific renewal throughout methodological diversity and theoretical scope;
  • Relevant use of trans- and multidisciplinarity;
  • Extensive collaboration across research institutions, both nationally and internationally;
  • User involvement in research and collaboration between researchers and users;
  • Targeted communication and dissemination, including user dialogue;
  • Expanded 'toolbox' with greater variety of research tools and resources.
  • Norwegian contribution to international agendas within the Portfolio's priorities is based on research;
  • Sectors within politics, administration, business and civil society base their decisions on new and updated knowledge;
  • An expanded knowledge base enables policy and management, working life and civil society to better deal with global challenges and issues related to the foreign- and security area;
  • Norwegian researchers and their international partners contribute directly to policy development;
  • Strong, sustainable research institutions and research groups at an international level.
  • Norway is providing significant contributions to achieving the SDGs based on best practise and updated knowledge;
  • Norwegian development and humanitarian policies, and corresponding efforts, are effective and foster progress and relief in developing countries;
  • Norway makes important contributions to securing a global world order based on the rule of law;
  • Norwegian security, values, interests and sovereignty are safeguarded.

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