Portfolio analysis for Global development and international relations

Alternative options

The Covid-19 pandemics calls for a better understanding of how it will affect countries and regions and how this in turn will influence development, international relations, globalisation, and geopolitics on the longer term. There will thus be a continued need for research on the impacts of Covid-19, also in order to better prepare for possible future crisis. This should be considered a priority area in future calls for proposals.

In order to secure research with global development perspectives related to the SDG's, the funds for the bilateral funding schemes INDNOR and CHINOR, which both have priorities based on the SDG's, should be merged with additional funding from the Ministry of Education and Research to a collaborative funding mechanism – Research for Global Sustainability. The funding mechanism should co-fund research in thematic areas together with relevant funding schemes, i.e., on renewable energy, climate, environment (terrestrial and ocean), food-production, migration, education, etc. A key condition for this collaborative funding would be to include partners from LMICs. Such a mechanism would increase the research efforts towards the SDG's and ensure global perspectives into funding schemes which have primarily a national focus. 

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