Investment plan

International cooperation and cooperation across the portfolios

The Global development and International development portfolio already cooperate with other portfolios in the Research Council, mainly by joint calls. These portfolios are Climate and Polar research, Education and competence and Oceans. In 2019 and 2020 this has manifested itself in the following joint calls:

  • with MARINFORSK in 2019
  • with KLIMAFORSK in 2019
  • with UTDANNING (Education) in 2019
  • with POLARFORSK in 2020

These portfolios share important priorities with the Global Development and International relations portfolio, as do the portfolios on Health, on Welfare, culture and society and on Democracy, administration and renewal.

The administration is working on developing a joint activity across several portfolios at the Research Council focusing on topics related to migration.

International cooperation

In 2018 the RCN Portfolio on Welfare, culture and society and the Portfolio on Global development and International relations participated in a Nordforsk call for proposals on Migration and Integration. This was a Norwegian-British funded call, and as a result the two portfolios are currently funding the Norwegian partner in the project “Effects on Externalisation: EU Migration Management in Africa and the Middle East" with a total of 15 million kroner.

The Portfolio also funds two Norwegian partners in a project that receives funding after participating in the EDCTP Emergency Call 2020 (GLOBVAC).

The Belmont Forum is planning a second call on Climate, Health and Environment in 2021. In 2019 GLOBVAC contributed with NOK 2 million to the first Belmont Forum call on this topic and plans to participate in the next step of this initiative together with KLIMAFORSK.

The portfolio will during 2021 investigate the possibility to engage the Nordforsk programme at the Nordic Council of Ministers in a joint call enhancing Nordic research cooperation on and with Russia.

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