International research competitions

Participating in the Norwegian Young Researchers competition can qualify you for major research competitions for youth in the US, Europe and Asia, where you will compete with other talented young scientists and have a chance to build an international network.

  • Popularly referred to as the European Championship in Research for youth.
  • Open to winners of national competitions who are between the ages of 14 and 21.
  • The contest is held in a different European city each autumn.
  • ISEF is the biggest research competition for youth in the world – a “World Championship” in science”.
  • More than 1 500 young scientists from over 50 countries participate.
  • The event is held in a different US city in May of each year. The venue for 2020 is Anaheim, California.

Seminars and camps

You may also win a place in seminars in London and Stockholm and the European Space Camp Andøya, giving you the opportunity to expand your scientific horizons, listen to top researchers and make new friends from around the world.

  • Every year young adults from around the world with a passion for space exploration and technology meet up for an unforgettable week at European Space Camp Andøya at Andøya Space Center.
  • During the event participants work together to launch their own rocket.
  • Annual two-week seminar in London.
  • Brings together more than 300 students from 60 different countries worldwide.
  • Participate in lectures, seminars, debates and discussions. Visit research institutions and take part in social events.
  • Week-long seminar held annually in connection with the Nobel Prize Award ceremony in Sweden.
  • Lectures and social events.
  • The week concludes with participants attending both the Nobel Prize award ceremony and banquet.

The European Space Camp was an incredible experience where I met some truly amazing people. When we weren’t building our rocket or listening to a lecture there were always plenty of social activities going on. We swam in 4° C water under the midnight sun, competed in a GPS treasure hunt and even joined in on a whale-watching safari.

Nina Marie Thomsen om Space Camp på Andøya
Fire deltakere på Space Camp i redningsvester
Participants in the 2015 Space Camp

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