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The institute sector

Research institutes comprise a key component of the Norwegian research and innovation system, and contribute widely to the achievement of national research policy objectives. The Research Council of Norway has responsibility for strategic planning in the institute sector.

About the institute sector

The Research Council has responsibility for strategic planning in the institute sector, and conducts evaluations and analyses of the sector on a regular basis.

Public basic funding for research institutes

The state provides basic funding to 48 research institutes each year under the public funding scheme administered by the Research Council.

Institute evaluations

The Research Council regularly carries out evaluations of the research institutes, the individual categories of institutes, and the sector as a whole.

The STIM-EU scheme

The STIM-EU scheme provides funding for research institutes participating in the EU framework programmes for research, innovation and technological development.

Primary industry institutes

The primary industry institutes are an important component of the public research system that has been developed to meet the needs of the public administration and primary industries for research-based knowledge.

Environmental institutes

The environmental institutes play a vital role in research related to the management of Norway's natural resources and in knowledge-based development of environmental and climate policy.

Technical-industrial institutes

The technical-industrial institutes are by far the largest group of research institutes. The revenues for this group have accounted for more than one-half of the institute sector's total income in recent years.

Social science institutes

The social science institutes supply research for policy development to various segments of the public administration. Twenty-two institutes dispersed throughout the country receive public basic funding.


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