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Scheme to encourage increased participation in the EU framework programme among research institutes

The STIM-EU scheme provides funding for research institutes participating in the EU framework programmes for research, innovation and technological development.

The aim of the STIM-EU scheme is to encourage research institutes to participate more actively in the EU framework programmes for research, innovation and technological development. The scheme is also designed to strengthen cooperation between the institutes, the business sector and the public sector.

See the Revised guidelines for the STIM-EU scheme PDF - 146 KB for more information about the focus of the scheme (to be downloaded in Norwegian).

The scheme is open to research institutes receiving public basic funding, as well as to other institutes. See the List of research institutes eligible for STIM-EU funding PDF - 121 KB (to be downloaded in Norwegian).

Results-based allocations – no applications needed

The STIM-EU scheme is results-based, and the amount of STIM-EU funding is calculated on the basis of the institutes’ total number of EU projects. The Research Council of Norway calculates the distribution of STIM-EU funding each year based on the EU contract database eCORDA. The funding is disbursed without the institutes having to submit an application.

The research institutes will receive a 33.3 per cent addition to each Norwegian krone they receive in funding from Horizon 2020. In addition, a sum corresponding to 8 per cent of total STIM-EU funding will be set aside to reward institutes which collaborate with the business sector (4 per cent) and the public sector (2 per cent) and which take on coordinator responsibility (2 per cent).

Research institutes receiving public basic funding receive their STIM-EU funding as a supplement to their basic allocation, whereas research institutes not qualified for the basic funding scheme receive a separate allocation letter. Funding is disbursed in November/December after the final update of the EU contract database for the year.


STIM-EU funding is designed to support the institutes’ strategic development efforts, in keeping with the guidelines for public basic funding for research institutes.

Institutes must submit a report on how they spent their funding roughly 12 months after receiving disbursements.

The research institutes receive allocations based on the results achieved under the framework programme. The STIM-EU budget is NOK 200 million for 2017.