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The Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway serves as the chief advisory body for the government authorities on research policy issues, and distributes roughly NOK nine billion to research and innovation activities each year. The Research Council works to promote international cooperation and increase participation in the EU framework programme on research and innovation. The Research Council creates meeting places and provides a platform for dialogue between researchers, users of research and research funders.

The role of the Research Council

The Research Council of Norway works to add value to the research system by facilitating research that actors in the system could not successfully achieve working on their own.

Where to find us

The Research Council of Norway's main office is located at Drammensveien 288 in Lysaker, seven kilometres west of central Oslo.
The Research Council also has regional offices in various parts of Norway, as well as a liaison office in Brussels.


The Research Council is divided into five divisions: Science, Energy, Resources and the Environment, Society and Health, Innovation and Administration. The Executive Board is the Research Council's highest authority.

Annual Report of the Executive Board for 2015

In April 2015 the Executive Board adopted the new main strategy Research for Innovation and Sustainability.