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Laboratories, databases, facilities and other research infrastructure

Norway has memberships in prominent laboratories and other international research organisations in Europe where Norwegian researchers can take part in research groups, carry out short and long-term research stays, and use the infrastructure in their own research activities.


Life sciences – EMBL

EMBL has its main laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, and is Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences. Norwegian researchers can apply for jobs, short and long-term research stays, and take part in a variety of scientific activities.

Particle physics – CERN

CERN, based in Geneva, is the world's largest centre for research in particle physics. Scientists at the facility are studying the basic constituents of matter and the forces involved when these fundamental particles interact.

Cancer research – IARC

IARC in Lyon, France, is the specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO). Norwegian researchers can apply for short or long-term research stays in international research groups at the IARC.

Synchrotron – ESRF

At the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France, scientists are studying the position and motion of atoms in condensed and living matter using synchrotron-generated light. For research opportunities, see the ESRF web site.

International research infrastructures

Norway has memberships in a number of international infrastructures – laboratories, databases and other facilities – that may be used by Norwegian scientists and institutions.