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Regional representatives

The Research Council has appointed thirteen regional representatives, located at the district offices of Innovation Norway. They work to promote research and development with regional players.

The regional representatives provide regional players with information and advice about the Research Council's industry-oriented measures, facilitate cooperation between companies and R&D institutions and highlight activities and R&D results relevant to regional stakeholders.

They also make sure that R&D perspectives are included in regional development plans and in the contact between regional governing bodies and trade and industry.

Regional representatives in the Research Council of Norway

Key tasks

  • Provide information and guidance concerning the Research Council’s industry-oriented measures, including the SkatteFUNN tax incentive scheme, EUREKA and EU activities.
  • Motivate regional stakeholders to take greater advantage of existing R&D results, including network-building activities.
  • Provide expertise on matters relating to regional R&D.
  • Take active part in cooperation at the regional level.
  • Assist the Research Council’s administration to frame strategic research policy for innovation and industrial development


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