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Project follow-up and reporting

Projects receiving funding from the Research Council may request changes to the project framework via “My RCN Web”. Change requests are submitted by the project manager or project administrator on behalf of the Project Owner.

Progress and final reports are to be submitted to the Research Council electronically via the individual’s user area on My RCN Web. An e-mail containing information about reporting procedures will be sent to the relevant parties well in advance of the reporting deadline.

Project account reports may be submitted electronically via My RCN Web or as e-mail attachments (in pdf-format). Projects that are required to submit account reports will be sent more detailed information regarding how to submit these.

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Deadlines for submission of reports

Project accounting reports  -  20 January
Progress report for researcher-led projects  -  1 October
Progress report for user-driven projects  -  1 June and 1 December
Final reports  -  one month after the project completion date

Information about deadlines for submission of reports under the SkatteFUNN tax deduction scheme is found on the SkatteFUNN webpages.

Project accounting reports

(for user-driven projects and other projects where this is stipulated)

The Research Council requires the submission of project account reports as part of the accounting control activity for all the funding it allocates.

The inclusion of personal data as part of the information in the project account report is authorised under the Section of the Regulations for Financial Management in the Government Administration, which stipulates that the Research Council must check the information in the project account report. The provision in the regulations gives the Research Council a legal basis for processing personal data, and thus we do not need the active consent of the individual involved.

The Research Council handles all personal data in keeping with the Privacy Statement and the Information Security Guidelines.

A new format for the project account report is being introduced and must be used for all reports to be submitted from the 20 January 2019 deadline and onwards. If your project is required to submit a project account report, you will be sent a message on “My RCN Web” specifying which forms and guidelines to use for your report.

The table below provides the forms that are to be used for project account reports with a submission deadline before 20 January 2019, listed by application type. Please use the form that is correct for your application type. 

Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector Project account report XLSX - 47 KB Guidelines PDF - 118 KB
Knowledge-Building Project for Industry Prosjektregnskapsrapport XLSX - 47 KB Guidelines PDF - 276 KB
Innovation Project for the Public Sector Project account report XLSX - 46 KB Guidelines PDF - 216 KB


Samples reports with guidelines

Download Guidelines to progress report PDF - 1,4 MB    
Download Guidelines to final report PDF - 1,9 MB

Contact persons

If you have questions regarding the completion of forms, please contact your case officer at the Research Council. The name of the contact person appears on all correspondence between the Council and the Project Owner.

Earlier rates for fellowship grants given in NOK 1000: 

Grants/ Position

2018  2017 


2015 2014 2013 2012


1 067 1 039 1 004 970 938 906 876
Post-doctoral research

1 067

1 039 1 004 970 938 906 876

For more information about the individual types of fellowship grants, please see Apply for funding > Application information > Payroll expenses and rates


CONTACT Please contact your case officer at the Research Council if you have any questions regarding changes to the approved project framework and/or project reports. The name of your contact person is provided in previous letters and emails with the Research Council, as well as on “My RCN Web”.

Please send any questions regarding the new function to