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Project database

The Research Council has established a project database that provides a complete overview over all projects that have received funding from the Council from 1997 to the present.

Click here to access the database. You can locate relevant projects by using the four search categories on the Norwegian introductory page or by using the Search tool. Before you start, please read the rest of the information on this page.

Search categories and filters with explanation and sub-categories

The list below provides an overview in Norwegian and English of the search catagories and filters that can be used to search the project database. An explanation is also given of what types of information the individual search categories will provide. Useful lists of Norwegian and English term equivalents are available in the second box in the right-hand margin of this page. Users are advised to print these out to facilitate their search efforts.

1. Subject fields  (Norwegian: Fagområder)
This category breaks projects down by subject field. The selection of subject fields displayed here corresponds to the list published by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions. To find the relevant Norwegian designation for your subject field, please consult the Norwegian-English list of term equivalents for subject fields.

2. Institutions/companies (Norwegian: Institusjoner/bedrifter)
This category breaks projects down by types and names of institutions/companies that are formal signatories (project owners) to the contracts relating to the research projects. At the introductory level the list is sorted according to the number of projects per type of institution and company, and at the  secondary level according to the number of projects per individual institution/company (number of projects in parentheses).  Projects with foreign project owners are listed under their country of origin in the "Location" section.

To find the relevant Norwegian institution type for your search, please consult the Norwegian-English lists of term equivalents for types of institutions. One list provides English names for Norwegian universities, university colleges etc., and one provides names for Norwegian independent research institutes.

3. Location (Norwegian: Geografi)
This category breaks projects down by country of origin of the project partners who are the formal signatories (project owners) to the contracts with the Research Council for the relevant project. For projects with Norwegian partners, the search may be further sub-categorised by county, and each county by municipalities. To see all locations, click "Se alle" at the bottom of the list on the Norwegian introductory page.

4. Programmes  (Norwegian: Programmer)
This category breaks projects down by affiliation to/financing from The Research Council's various research programmes and activities. The database includes completed as well as ongoing programmes. Please note that all results are organised under the Norwegian names for programmes/activities. No list of corresponding English names is currently available. Click on the individual programme to see all affiliated projects.

Filtering by year

Each of the above categories may be filtered by year to isolate the specific sub-category of projects that received funding from the Research Council during a given year.

Free-text search

It is also possible to conduct a free-text search in the database. To do so, use the search box on the introductory page for the project database. You may search by criteria such as

  • whole or parts of project title
  • elements from project descriptions
  • institution or company
  • location of institution or company
  • subject field
  • name of researcher/project manager

Advanced search with an asterix (* = truncated search) will usually provide a greater number of hits. For instance, the search term environment* will give all results that include both the exact word and the words environmental  and environmentally.

Limitations to project information

All the information stored in the project database has been transferred directly from the Research Council's internal administrative databases, with no adjustments to scientific terminology or sorting categories. The presentations of each project have not been edited in any way, and may therefore contain a number of abbreviations and other potentially cryptic information.

Confidential projects

Project descriptions are only provided for projects that are actively defined by the relevant programme as not confidential.