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Other Support

The following describes requirements for grant proposals submitted under this type of application. Any amendments or additions to the requirements below will be described in the call for proposals. Grant applications that do not satisfy all the requirements listed for the application type and/or stipulated in the call for proposals will be rejected.


See the call for proposals.


The type of application is reserved for grant proposals to Research Council activities/programmes that utilise support schemes not covered by the other types of applications.

Aid to undertakings will be granted in accordance with Article 25 of the General Block Exemption Regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014), alternatively Articles 22 or 28.

Expenses that may be covered

See the call for proposals.

Applications will be accepted from

See the call for proposals.

Assessment of grant proposals

The Research Council views it as a prerequisite that all projects will maintain high ethical standards, and give adequate consideration to potential environmental impacts.
The Research Council considers it essential that research projects seek to promote the internationalisation of Norwegian research, to increase the recruitment of women to higher academic positions and within MST subject areas, to enhance the gender balance in Norwegian research and to ensure that gender perspectives are adequately integrated into research activities. Further information.
These elements will be taken into consideration when assessing and ranking grant proposals.

Application requirements

See the call for proposals.

Assessment criteria for the application

See the call for proposals.


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