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The Research Council's organisation

The Research Council of Norway comprises of four research divisions, one division for administrative affairs and an executive staff organised directly under the Chief Executive. The Research Council has some 460 employees.

The Chief Executive's staff is responsible for coordinating activities relating to budget planning, annual reports, statistics, strategic initiatives, international cooperation and media contact.

The International Office

The International Office is part of the Chief Executive's staff and works to promote greater international research cooperation and to further develop Norway’s international research policy. The international affairs staff is also responsible for much of the Research Council's contact with other international research organisations and institutions.

Governing Boards

The Executive Board and Division Research Boards

The Research Council’s highest authority is the Executive Board, which consists of seven permanent members and two deputies. Three of the Executive Board members also serve as the chairs of the respective Division Research Boards. The other members of the Division Research Boards are appointed by the Executive Board.

Programme Boards

Individual programme boards are appointed for each of the Research Council’s research programmes. There are approximately 800 representatives of research and educational institutions, trade and industry, organisations and the government administration serving on the various Research Council boards or committees.

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