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Updates to the grant application form

The grant application form has been updated to include a new step, “Project partners”, a more streamlined search function for information about organisations, and simplified error messages.

The Research Council of Norway will be implementing a series of updates to its grant application form between now and summer 2018. The first update was implemented on 6 December, and includes the following:

  • A new step, Project partners, which replaces the fields "Applicant" and "Partners" with more information about the Project Owner and partners.
  • New fields for project participants.
  • A more streamlined search function for finding information about organisations.
  • A number of technical upgrades and improvements to the user interface, including simplified error messages and guidelines, and easier uploading of attachments.  
  • Simplified date registration.

Changes in 2018

The next changes to the grant application form will be implemented on 7 March and 20 June 2018. These will primarily involve information relating to project partners and budgets, and are designed to make it easier to comply with the provisions of the state aid rules. The new elements will only be visible in the individual application forms when this is relevant in connection with the call for proposals.

The updates to the form will:

  • simplify navigation and provide a better overview and more detailed budget information;
  • allow applicants to enter more of the information requested by the Research Council directly into the application form instead of via uploaded attachments;
  • improve support in the Research Council’s grant application form with regard to the state aid rules.

Please send any questions you might have about the upgrade to us by email.

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