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New booklet:

Talent at stake: On gender-sensitive leadership

The Norwegian Committee for Gender Balance in Research recently published the booklet "Talent at stake. Changing the culture of research – gender-sensitive leadership" as an inspiration for members of the international research community who want to promote greater gender balance within the sector.

Tora Aasland. Photo: Andreas B. Johansen Tora Aasland (Photo: Andreas B. Johansen) "We must do everything in our power to address the challenges of gender balance today in order to shape the gender-equal society of tomorrow," says Norway’s Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland in the preface of Talent at stake.

The Committee for Gender Balance in Research has been appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and is headed by Professor Gerd Bjørhovde of the University of Tromsø.

Experiences, gender equality measures and statistics

Talent at stake contains interviews with leaders at various Norwegian institutions and in a variety of research communities who have confronted the gender-equality challenge and achieved positive results.

Photo: Shutterstock (Photo: Shutterstock) Letters from university rectors who present their experience with successful gender equality measures are also included in the booklet, as are measures for solving specific problems, facts, statistics and more. Professor Øystein Gullvåg Holter of the University of Oslo has contributed with an article on gender equality and the modernisation of academic organisations.

Equality enhances quality

The Research Council of Norway has provided some of the funding for Talent at stake. In an interview published in the booklet, Director General Arvid Hallén discusses the Research Council’s role in gender equality efforts in research and how these perspectives are integrated into relevant programmes and activities.

“By promoting gender equality in research, we enhance the quality and
relevance of research,” concludes Arvid Hallén.

Booklet: Science at stake The editors of Talent at stake are Linda M. Rustad, Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (Secretariat for the Committee for Gender Balance in Research), and Anne Winsnes Rødland, Senior Executive Officer at the KILDEN Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway. The Norwegian version was published in March 2010.

This news item is based on a corresponding item in the Gender Balance in Research – Norway website. 



You may order a paper copy of Talent at stake. Changing the culture of research – gender-sensitive leadership by contacting the Committee for Gender Balance in Research' secretariat at The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions:

Pdf version: See the topmost box in the column on the right.


Written by:
Kristin Aukland/Else Lie. Translation: Connie Stultz/Carol B. Eckmann
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