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Research Council launches new programme:

Social-science perspective on Norwegian petroleum activities

The new Programme on Social Science Research related to the Petroleum Sector (PETROSAM 2) will enhance research-based knowledge about Norway as a petroleum-producing nation and stakeholder in the petroleum sector.

The primary tasks for the PETROSAM 2 programme will be to establish knowledge about the value and management of petroleum resources on the Norwegian continental shelf and to place Norwegian petroleum activities in a regional and Arctic perspective. The programme will also work to develop a stable, highly skilled research environment that can make a mark internationally within the programme’s thematic priority areas, and provide valuable input to the Norwegian public debate.

Photo: Universitetet i Nordland I am very pleased about the Research Council’s initiative to increase knowledge about petroleum resources, says Frode Mellemvik, PETROMSAM 2 programme board chair. (Photo: Universitetet i Nordland) The PETROSAM 2 programme continues the social science-based research on the petroleum sector which the Research Council has administered via a number of programmes since the early 1980s.

First application deadline: autumn 2013

The programme plans to issue its first call for proposals for research funding in summer 2013, with a planned application deadline of 4 September. The financial framework for the funding announcement has not yet been established, but is expected to be in the NOK 10?15 million range.

The final call for proposals will be published on the Research Council website at the latest six weeks before the application deadline.

Key industry in changing times

Petroleum activities play a critical role in Norway’s economic growth and the financing of the Norwegian welfare society. The magnitude of the country’s petroleum revenues is determined by a combination of the volume of the resources at hand, and the manner in which these are managed.

Natural resource management is never a static process; it is constantly being shaped by national political priorities and changes in the global petroleum markets that directly and indirectly affect the value of Norwegian resources.

“I am very pleased about the Research Council’s initiative to increase knowledge about petroleum resources and conditions relating to the petroleum sector that will be of relevance to the Norwegian authorities and the industry,” says Frode Mellemvik, PETROMSAM 2 programme board chair and professor at the University of Nordland.

Written by:
Kari Druglimo-Nygaard/Else Lie. Translation: Darren McKellep/Carol B. Eckmann
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