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Simplified form for progress reports

Will you be submitting a progress report for your project by the 1 October deadline? The Research Council has made some changes in the form for progress reports.

The form for progress reports has now been revised. In the new form, you only provide information on completed activities and results in the project, and there are better instructions and technical support for generating a complete report.

The report form has been revised due to the introduction in March of the new function for requesting changes to the project framework via “My RCN Web”.

Revisions to the form for progress reports

The new progress report contains the following main items:

  • Popular science presentation (revised)
  • Performance indicators (unchanged)
  • Publication information (unchanged)
  • Fellowship grants (unchanged)
  • International cooperation (unchanged)
  • Special reports (unchanged)

The following items are no longer included in the progress report, but have been moved to the form for project changes requests (FOUP):

  • objectives
  • project period/progress plan
  • financial information
  • partners
  • other deviations

In addition, some changes have been made under the main item for “Popular science presentation”:

  • The heading "Results – activities" has been changed to "Popular science presentation".
  • It is now mandatory to fill in the fields for updated Norwegian and English popular science presentation.
  • The fields for Norwegian and English versions of the text are now fixed (no longer depend on the primary and secondary language for the project information).






Please contact your case officer at the Research Council if you have any questions regarding changes to the approved project framework and/or project reports. The name of your contact person is provided in previous letters and emails with the Research Council, as well as on “My RCN Web”.

Please send any questions regarding the new function to



Written by:
Maria Riber. Translation: Victoria Coleman/Carol B. Eckmann.
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