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Seeking input to Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure

The Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure is being updated in preparation for the next funding announcement in autumn 2018. The Research Council of Norway is encouraging institutions to submit input regarding infrastructure needs within priority research areas by 20 January 2018.

The Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure is updated every two years. One of the key parts of the roadmap is the “area strategies”. These are sub-strategies designed as a guide for grant applicants as to the Research Council’s thinking and priority-setting when assessing grant proposals related to research infrastructure. The Research Council is now seeking input for updating these area strategies.

The research communities have valuable insight into unmet needs for research infrastructure, says Asbjørn Mo. Input for roadmap’s area strategies

The area strategies encompass the following national priority research areas: bioresources, biotechnology, the humanities, ICT, climate and the environment, medicine and health, green energy, nanotechnology and advanced technologies, physical science and technology, petroleum technology, and social science and welfare. There is also a separate area strategy for e-infrastructure.

“The research communities have valuable insight into unmet needs for research infrastructure,” says Asbjørn Mo, Director of the Research Council’s Department for Research Infrastructure. “Now we are seeking their informed input on needs for new or upgraded infrastructure within the area strategies. We also encourage input on how the areas themselves should be categorised.”

The point of departure for the input is the area strategies (in Norwegian only) set out in the  Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure 2016. “By all means, help us to improve them,” encourages Asbjørn Mo.

Infrastructures of national importance

The roadmap encompasses research infrastructures of national importance. These are infrastructures that are of widespread national interest, will be limited to only one or a few locations in Norway as a general rule, and will lay a foundation for internationally cutting-edge research. The infrastructures are to be made accessible to all relevant researchers and industries. 

“We encourage the institutions to get together and submit joint input on the selected areas based on the needs of a collective national scientific community,” explains Asbjørn Mo. “There are no limitations on how many suggestions an institution may submit, as long as they pertain to infrastructures of national importance. We do ask for a distinction between input relating to infrastructures in Norway and input relating to international cooperation on infrastructure.”

Input must be submitted using the designated template ("Mal for innspill til områdestrategier 2018", see the link on the upper right of the Norwegian version of this page) and should be sent by email to Senior Adviser Kirsti Solberg Landsverk by 20 January 2018 at the latest. Please send the email to both and

Written by:
Christian Lund. Translation: Darren McKellep/Carol B. Eckmann.
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