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Allocation of BIA funding:

Research Council investing half a billion NOK in innovative companies

Recipients of funding from the autumn 2015 call under the Programme for User-driven Research-based Innovation (BIA) include such diverse companies as a zoo, a publishing house, producers of customised windows, and a company looking to recycle fish waste for use in pharmaceuticals.

The Research Council of Norway awarded a total of NOK 532 million to the new innovation projects.

“An impressive total of 50 of 181 companies that submitted applications for BIA funding in October will be allocated grants for their projects,” says Arvid Hallén, Director General of the Research Council.

“There were 33 per cent more applications this time compared to the year before,” he says. “This shows a greater willingness in the private sector to use research as a means of generating innovation, which is both important and essential if Norwegian businesses are to be competitive in industries that are becoming more and more knowledge-based.”


Minister of Trade and Industry: More research must be business-focused

Small, medium and large enterprises are all represented among the funding recipients.

“Congratulations to all the companies that have won funding under the BIA programme,” says Monica Mæland, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry. “Norway needs more research that is targeted towards the market. These projects are strong candidates to yield new products and services in new business activities, and for adapting to and restructuring industry activities that are already in place.”

The research areas pinpointed by the companies range from environmental technology, health and the bioeconomy to advanced production processes and technology transfer from the petroleum sector to other industries. Many companies sought funding to develop technology for automating production or for cutting production costs by other means. Many of the projects awarded BIA funding may help to create new jobs in Norway, while others will prevent existing jobs from being moved out of the country.

Click here for a list of the 50 new innovation projects. PDF - 23 KB

A fact sheet with key figures about the allocation is available here. PDF - 245 KB

The Programme for User-driven Research-based Innovation (BIA)

The BIA programme is the Research Council’s largest programme for industry-oriented research. The companies themselves decide the focus of their research and choose their own partners for collaboration. BIA funding is awarded to the best projects independent of thematic orientation or branch of industry.

Funding under the BIA programme is designed to promote:

  • increased investment in research-based innovation in trade and industry;
  • a higher level of aspiration and expertise in the companies’ own R&D activity;
  • higher quality in the national R&D groups used to generate innovation in trade and industry.

The BIA-funded projects may be targeted towards:

  • new or greatly improved processes, products, services and business models;
  • greater cooperation on innovation between companies and R&D institutions as well as among companies;
  • new international partnerships and more internationally competitive trade and industry;
  • increased use of private-sector investments to generate innovation in companies. 



Written by:
Kristin Dawes/Sindre Mekjan/Else Lie. Translation: Darren McKellp/Carol B. Eckmann.
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