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Propose candidates for the Research Council of Norway's new boards

The Research Council is in the process of appointing members to new boards. Do you have any suggestions for competent people? We need candidates from the research sectors, business and industry, the public sector, organisations and the general public.

The deadline for proposals was 18 January. Thank you very much for submitting proposals!

We are recruiting members to a new type of boards, 15 in all. Each of these boards will be assigned responsibility for a portfolio of programmes and other activities the Research Council invests in within thematic or scientific areas:

  • Industries and Service Sectors;
  • Enabling and Industrial Technologies;
  • Energy, Transport and Low-carbon Emissions;
  • Land-based Bioresources, Land-based Food and Environment;
  • Climate and Polar Research;
  • Petroleum;
  • Oceans;
  • Health;
  • Welfare, Culture and Society;
  • Education and Competence;
  • Democracy, Governance and Public Sector Renewal;
  • Global Development;
  • Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • Natural Sciences and Technology;
  • Life Sciences. 

Two board levels
The new boards will replace our former division research boards and programme boards. This means that the Research Council will go from three board levels to two board levels.

(Illustrative photo: Brita Skuland/Thomas Keilman)

The Research Council’s executive board is at the top level and is appointed by the Government. This board’s primary task will be to implement and follow up research policy by formulating strategies, fulfilling an advisory role, budgeting and reporting.

The new boards, which constitute the second level, will have wider-ranging responsibilities than the former programme boards. They will follow up research and innovation policy goals in their areas of responsibility, plan research and innovation activities, decide the allocation of research funds, ensure the effects of investments, and advise the Research Council's administration.

Propose candidates
We have extended a general invitation to submit proposals for candidates who can do a good job on one of the 15 new boards. The board members must have extensive expertise within their field, good knowledge of research and innovation policy, and experience of board and committee work. The boards must be well balanced with regard to sector, gender, age and geographical representation, etc.

Please state

  • your own name, email address and place of work;
  • the name, place of work and email address of the person you propose;
  • to which board you wish to nominate your candidate.

We ask that you provide a brief explanation of why you are proposing the candidate. You must also state whether your candidate knows that he/she is being nominated. The same person can be nominated for up to three boards.

Deadline: 16.00 on Friday 18 January.

Written by:
Brita Skuland. Translation: Allegro.
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